October 27th, 2008



I didn't get a huge amount of sleep yesterday. Definitely some, and in some ways too much, but...

After I got home from Carrow's, I alternated assimilating music and sorta working on the Julie's flyers until I couldn't focus any more.

I say "sorta," because what I really did was reproduce their logo from the splash page of their website. If I'm gonna make flyers - and especially if I'm gonna make a poster - a 100 by 100 pixel JPG just isn't gonna cut it (Exercise: Write a sentence with as many uses of the non-word "gonna" as you can).

So I tracked down the font they were using, and did some layout over the top of an enlarged version of the image. Didn't come out too shabbily, either.

Now I just have to, y'know, work on content, and other minor details.

I need postcard flyers, which I'll probably have printed at GotPrint, since they have better prices for postcards than Overnight Prints, and they seem to have done well by Esperanza. Then I want a poster for one of their outside wall displays. Since those are only slightly protected from the elements, I'm actually thinking of having a 2' x 3' banner made at ePingo, which seems to have reasonably good prices on these things.

I woke back up at some time well after noon, and got back to the assimilation job - I still had 45 songs to enter and check. It took me until 5:00pm, at which time I got to work on unfreezing my desktop, since it's the machine hooked up to the printer...

After all is said and done, I didn't even make it to the bar until 6:00pm, and wasn't really set up and ready to go until a little before 7:00pm. Two hours late may actually be a record for me.

Good thing we only had one customer in that time - who didn't want to sing, but was flirting with timenchanter. So not only was I not disappointing customers, but Timmie, who was responsible and there on time, actually had something to do.


While I was setting up, Jorgie walked in, and started talking to me. Or more like at me. Jorgie's a reasonably nice guy, and very... special. The special ones seem to like me. He's quite entertaining as a singer, mostly because he'll kind of freestyle his own song that sort of matches the music while dancing all over the stage.

When Trankenstein later showed up, the two of them became fast friends. I've gotta say that there's no experience quite like watching the two of them gyrate across the stage while one of them sings.

I believe I actually started the show around 7:30pm with just myself, Timmie, and Jorgie. And then it slowly progressed into a very busy, and very lively evening. Profitable, too. Unless tonight is a complete morgue, we should make target for the weekend. And tips were large enough for another disc.

I had 23 singers over the length of the evening, and 12 rotations.

I had a full evening of tankgirl, which was quite pleasing. Her date, Rodrigo, was also one hell of a good singer. Some Colleen, which definitely added to the eye candy quotient, and a bunch of wonderful people.

Some moahb and Rick O. - the latter was busy reading Sandman. Good taste, that man.

hogarthhughes sang a song, after a long drought.

supersniffles crocheted me a baby Cthulhu, and hid it in my tip jar. It now sits on a shelf in my headboard, and watches over me as I sleep.

Quite a bit of spawrhawk, who I haven't seen in some time. A couple of hours of Honey, some Jason, and some new people (Chris H, who was there as someone's date - I kinda forget who. Good singer, and seemed to be a really nice guy). Just a good time all around.

Nate-o requested that I sing You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 at some point a little after midnight, and I found myself surrounded by about 5 dancing couples - most of them actually swing dancing. It was really cool.

Having Angela doing odd things behind my back when I sang Closer was pretty fun, too...

The last song of the last rotation finished just before 2:00am, and Timmie and I were both finished shutting down by 2;20am. I drove Angela home - well, actually, to her car within three blocks of home - and then went and communed with the laptop at Denny's.

Where a cute - and very drunk - single mom thought I was awesome for my "I Support Single Moms" shirt.

Then home, and sleep. Which I may just do more of.
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