October 17th, 2008



Last night was awesome. I got to KoC around 7:40pm, and moahb already had a table set up in front of the bar.

It seemed to fit that I heard my first No on 8 radio ad on the way there.

I was largely ready to go on time - and I think it took until about 8:40pm to get enough people to sing - but then they started pouring in. Quite a few regulars, but also a huge number of people that I haven't seen in ages - and a large number that I've never seen at all.

It's a little daunting to even attempt to list anybody, so I think I won't even try. But I will say that I had about 42 singers over the length of the evening, and managed to make it most of the way through the fourth rotation before having to shut down.

Tips were reasonable, and as I said I'd do at the bar last night, have been donated to the No on 8 campaign (I actually donated through the HRC website, on the theory that it's well-established, so I know its identity).

The bar did extremely well, and if I remember properly, Noah told me they managed to raise over $500 for the cause. It's a drop in the bucket compared to the extra $10 million in out-of-state funding that the pro-8 people have, but every drop helps. In fact, as Noah has pointed out, if every member and friend of the community would donate just $20, we could match that amount.

It's not, as some have claimed, a do-or-die situation. Even if it passes, the proposition is of questionable legality, and unlikely to stand up in court - and if it does, is likely to, as I've said before, simply result in the abolishment of civil marriage in California.

Which would be... disruptive.

It's always amazing to me how people can pretty up ugly concepts to make them more palatable. There is no inherent difference between this and any other form of back-of-the-bus mentality. "We've always had black slaves - it's tradition!" "I have no problem with gays, as long as they keep out of sight!"

Sigh. Well, back in the narrative, it took me longer than usual to tear down, because I had an extra 15 minutes of slip filing to do. Then Timmie and I had a relaxed breakfast chez April, and came home, where I've mostly been sleeping. I should get a bit more of that done before tonight's interview.
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I got the gig - not that it was too difficult, and not that the venue will bring in too much money to start with.

Actually, it might pay less than gas...

But if I can build it up a bit, I'm going to ask for a larger proportion of sales. In the meantime, I'm going to be at Julie's Supper Club 2 on Folsom near 7th in the City from 8:00pm to close on Wednesdays.

The location has some real possibilities - initially, I'll be working in the front area, but if I can build it up some more, there's a fairly nice dance area in the back I can take over. Heck, they have a large outdoor patio. It's one of those tiny places that gets bigger and bigger as you get further inside.

Plus they serve food until midnight.

So if you get a text or email about the subject later this week, my apologies, but I need to get the word out.
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