October 13th, 2008


Pause for Breath

I'm gonna try to make this brief, because I don't have a lot of time.

Saturday night: It was good, though nowhere near as good as Friday. I had yet more problems with the house sound system, which I will be working out before I fill in there again. Much less of a crowd, though I had some interesting people, including a guy named Sonny Lisco that said he was the author of the background he rapped to (It Girl - his own disc, of course), and that he was about to have that particular song played on the radio.

I dunno if he's actually what he said he was, or was just trying to get some girls, but he was a pretty good rapper.

A bit of friction with the owner, partly because of the hardware issues, and partly because of security staff forgetting to tell me to call last call, but nothing too serious.

The feedback problems were more serious. I still don't know what was going on, which I hate, but it was so bad that I had to announce sitting down - the anti-feedback filters had adjusted for that position, but not standing up. And I was behind the speakers, of all things!

But most people seemed to have a good time, though tips were near nonexistent, and the pay was about 25% lower than Friday - but still 25% higher than what I make on Thursdays...

Some more decompression at the Mini, then home, where I crashed out until early Sunday, when I started the usual Sunday marathon. At least, once I got Paula to come down and open up the bar (she forgot). And even then, I had to work around Wayne doing dance stuff, because he hadn't been told about the early show.

But whatever.

It was not a particularly profitable night, but it had its fun aspects. The afternoon was whiled away with sparkle_journal and jackal_logic (13 rotations), followed by 4 rotations of just me and kshandra. Then a few more people showed up (kizmet100, supersniffles, and a bit of moahb).

We also got several hours of Bekki, whom I haven't seen in forever, and a teeny bit of lucydogstringer.

I closed at 1:55am, after 33 rotations (a record!). I wuz tired. Then I ended up talking to Paula (all is dark. The bar will collapse any minute. The usual). I didn't get paid and out of there until 3:00am, at which time I threw myself on April's mercy, and was the last customer allowed in before Denny's closed up for cleaning.

Then home, and a bit more sleep. Today I was up at noon - probably earlier than I should have been - and trying to deal with all the various announcements and bar schedule changes I've been putting off. I would have gotten more done, too, but tankgirl called and wanted to hang out (a much higher priority), so I cleaned up, picked her up, and took us both to the Macaroni Grill for lunch, followed by a walk around the Great Mall to try to feel less bloated.

I took her home, and now I'm about to bounce back out to pick up cekyr0 and jeffercine at the airport. I'm gonna be a bit late to the show tonight.
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