October 11th, 2008



Last night I grabbed some quick food at Panera, then motored up to the Swingin' Door, making it on time.

First time I've been on time this week, I believe.

So I was set up and ready to go by 9:00pm. With, of course, no singers. I wandered around, trying to convince people to sing, passed out a business card - nada.

Apparently Keith, the usual KJ, starts a little later - people started actually signing up around 9:30pm.

At about 9:45pm, tlsthatsme said something about coming up, and showed up a mere 15 minutes later - which turned out to be very fortuitous. Quite apart from just the, y'know, getting to hang out with Tobi bit, right about then Warren, the owner, walked up and started panicking about my not being hooked into the house system, or the room TV.

Which was news to me - that wasn't an option the last time I was there, and neither Keith nor Steve, the guy I'm replacing tonight, mentioned it at all.

This is always a great thing to have to deal with while a show is going on - especially when you don't have the right cables or adapters for what's needed. The TV connection, for example, was a composite one - and my only output right now is RF (it's easier to filter for ground loops). I was able to fix that problem by running one of my extra cables to the TV - around a bunch of people, of course.

Meanwhile, the audio connectors needed to be (1) moved, which Warren did, and (2) have the taped-on connectors removed, which Tobi did. That last took about 10 minutes with a knife. Someone really knows how to lay on the electrical tape.

But by 10:30pm, everything was set up and running, and more importantly, Warren stopped bugging me.

A good part of setup tonight will be repairing the stuff I took apart last night.

Otherwise, fun night. This one couple of girls - Vicki and Heather - were both a lot of fun, and amazing singers. We may see them at KoC - they were drooling over my showtunes list.

And Heather does an amazing job of Barracuda.

Tommy, one of the security guys, is still singing, and far from the best singer in the world - but he's gotten considerably better since the last time I was there.

I did 6 rotations before they shut me down around 1:40am. Tips were quite reasonable, mainly because of someone who really wanted to see their friend sing before the end of the night.

So I need to do some shopping.

Otherwise, it was, well, a straight bar. Guys singing songs to girls, girls singing songs to guys, and guys modifying songs to be about sports. Still, some remarkably good singers, and a pretty positive atmosphere.

And the pay's really good.

I piled most of my stuff in a corner, and then Tobi and I headed down for a nice relaxed supper at the Mini. That was something like 4:00am.

One of the more amusing things, in a way, is that I knocked over my tip jar during shutdown - and the bottom popped off. This is mostly amusing because of why. When I bought the acrylic circle that makes the bottom, I had no idea the blue color was a couple of protective plastic sheets - I'm used to paper.

The glue I have doesn't adhere to the cover sheet, so the only thing holding on the bottom was the overflow dribbles of glue on the outside.

So, apart from sleep, my main activity today was putting the tip jar back together. I'm actually a lot happier with the way it turned out this time.

Anyway, I need to get going.
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