October 7th, 2008



I believe my main activity after my last post was sleep, followed by a pleasant dinner at Chevy's with timenchanter, followed by the usual setup at the bar.

Followed by a very slow night. An interesting one, though.

For the first hour or two, the only other person in the bar was J, so he got to sing a lot. The positive side for us is that we got to listen to him a lot.

Then firestrike and maiandra came in, then supersniffles a little later, followed shortly by the Tower. The Tower brought their friend Michael. This Michael.

Which means I got to hear him sing - and watch Timmie get all jealous. Certainly the best version of Stars I've ever heard. That man has a beautiful voice, and amazing control.

Then there was the Samoan group, there with Big Joe. There's nothing quite like seeing a huge guy in a lava-lava, with a topknot and claw necklace, sing My Way. It was really cool.

I believe the only other person of note was Herc, a hotel visitor. By 1:00am or so Cindi had convinced him to sing, which was good - he obviously enjoyed it.

I ran about 17 rotations from around 8:00pm to 1:50am. It was slooooow. But certainly interesting enough.

Bar income, on the other hand, was down 40% from target for Sunday and Monday.

I was closed down and out of there by 2:20am, and headed off to visit April. It was actually a bit of a relief when she said her business had been pretty slow as well.

Then home, and some fitful sleep. In between attempts to sleep, I did some research on video ground blockers, since deterioration in my $55 doodad seems to be why I've been getting so much video noise lately.

I managed to find a $5.95 one instead - in fact, this one. It doesn't have as wide a frequency range as the old one, but I don't care - I only transmit on channel 3 or 4, anyway.

So around 1:00pm, I gave up on sleep, got myself clean and dressed, and headed over to Santa Cruz to see if I could grab some. I wanted 8 (4 for my rig, and 4 for the bar). They had 3, which is good enough for now.

They're working great. I've replaced the two improvised filters at the bar, and the output there is much clearer.

Around 5:20pm, Timmie and I left the Duplex, and made our way to Mountain View, where I put in the new filters, set up the TVs, and then rushed off to grab some Popeye's. My timing was a bit off: I missed the first 20 minutes of the debate. But then, there didn't seem to be much new to this one. Both candidates kept taking questions, and heading off on one of their standard talking points with it (One commentator said something about it feeling like they each were playing off a CD-ROM in their head).

I think I'll refer to that from now on as "Pulling a Palin."

It felt like Obama was keeping slightly more in line with the questions than McCain, but then I'm biased. Brokaw as moderator was great, though - he had no problem chastising either of them. With huge dollops of sarcasm.

In the end, I mostly have to say that (1) Obama has a hard time speaking in the allotted time, and (2) I got to the point where I wanted to punch McCain every time he said "my friends." I don't know how many times he said it, but it was at least 20 too many.

The only person to join us was Eme, who brought some snacks. I was glad I bought the biscuits and sides, too - I didn't know she was a vegetarian.

Though just before the end, hektikat came by, which was cool. Then she got Brian to come in. So we got to hang out with the two of them for a while. They left around 8:30pm, just as Julz and Dana came in to set up.

Talked to those two for a while, then we headed home around, I think, 9:30pm. I kinda need to catch up on rest, for one thing.

For another, I'm, well, irritated. They just bought something like 5,000 Sound Choice tracks, obviously pirated. I make sure all my tracks are legal - and spend a lot of money in that pursuit. It's money well spent, because it keeps the disc producers afloat, and allows them to make more music. It costs me around $20 per 15 tracks.

I somehow doubt they spent $6,600 on that new collection. In fact, I'm pretty sure not a penny of it went to Sound Choice.

What makes it even more irritating is that I can't even afford to turn them in. From everything I've read, SC considers me just as much a pirate as they are, mostly because SC management is a bunch of freakin' lunatics.

Life is hard, eh?
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