October 6th, 2008

Triskell Knot

Early Release

Last night's show continued in much the same way.

Shortly after my previous post, rickshaw walked in with Bill. He expressed some surprise that I still had an envelope for him. Two songs later, they headed back up to the City.

And, I believe a little after that, snafflekid joined us.

Then around 11:00pm, the Tower crew decided they were hungry, and headed off to deal with that. Two four-person rounds afterward, kshandra headed home (she really had only intended to be there for a couple of hours - not 12 songs).

That left myself, timenchanter, and Kendall as the only people in the bar. He wasn't drinking anymore, and no-one else came in, so I finished off his remaining slips (I think I ran for a total of 16), and then, right around midnight, we started shutting down.

At about 12:30am, the three of us headed over to IHOP for supper. Definitely a good time.

Then home, and sleep. It's been an exciting day, I tells ya.

The bar did... OK. Hopefully it'll do better tonight, but if not, them's the breaks.

And right at the moment, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my afternoon. I just got my ballot, so I could start working on that. Some entries are easier than others (I'm not voting for McBush and the Pork Barrel Queen), but it's always hard to find good info on the judicial and board of education candidates.

And boy do we have a lot of propositions. It's still rather interesting that all the fight on 8 has completely overshadowed 4, which is its own pile'o'crap. And the obligatory round of bonds. There's not a single damn state of municipality that actually saves money to pay for things - as soon as there's a surplus, some grandstander "gives it back to the people," meaning "the people" have to keep funding stuff through bonds, which eventually suck all that money - and more - right back.

Ah well. I have other projects - and I may just spend the afternoon watching the Dow swan-dive...
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