October 3rd, 2008


Today's Offerings

Just a couple more discs today: SC-8894, which has some good 80s/90s songs, and ZMP-077, which rounds out my Bublé and Cullum tracks.

I'm now at 13,466 tracks, and 10,159 unique songs.

As always, the songs page is up to date.

And I'll have update sheets this Sunday.
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Sri Yantra


The main activity during the day Thursday was sleeping, alternating with denying the existence of a sore throat.

Around 4:30pm I packed the car with the equipment and timenchanter, swung down to grab some King Eggrolls, then bounced back up the 101 to the bar.

I forget exactly when we got there, but by 5:40pm I had channel 9 coming in loud and at least relatively clear. Shortly after that, people started trickling in - we actually had some watchers this time. Heck, entropyca and deekers even brought Palin bingo cards.

Eme came in again, with Karen this time - and they both stuck around to sing until near midnight.

There was moahb, and k_turns_blue, and at least one other that I'm not remembering.

I spent the first half of the debate getting irritated at Palin, and the second half outside, talking to Kaye. A matter of priorities, that - I can always rewatch the debate, but Kaye's leaving the state at the end of the month.

As the post-debate analysis wore down, several people gave me slips, so I started the karaoke at about 8:10pm - and only that late because, even somewhat isolated, the karaoke system starting up interfered with the TV reception.

And that was the start of a reasonably busy, if not crowded night. The bar did fairly well, and in fact I only had 6 rotations before shutting down at 1:50am, but there weren't a lot of spectators.

The Tower was out in force, with sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, genuine_snark, Joyce, Veronica, Denise, and Elana. Both Denise and Elana actually managed to get more than one song each.

There was also some qzar_mystik, justnate, kizmet100, Rick, Patrick, a return of Scott and Sarah (still trying to remember where I know Sarah from), a touch of twitchet, a dash of Mikey H, a kinda "real-world" group (James, Zaida, and Mary), a supersniffles pink evening topper, and many more. There were about 26 different singers over the length of the evening.

And some additional blankreloaded, acting as only Casey can. Timmie somewhat stopped him - or at least slowed him down - from buying more rounds of shots, and I somewhat chided him for the $100 he slipped in my tip jar.

I kept it, though. I have some discs to order this evening...

At the end of the night, my voice was failing, and my throat hurt. But Cindi had invited several of us over to watch Monster High. I'd been looking for this movie for years, so that was quite an attraction - but I also felt like crap, and we had the difficulty of not knowing what to do with Casey.

I didn't have room to give him a ride, and he didn't manage to get himself a taxi.

In the end, he got a room at the hotel next door, and after a quick Jack-in-the-Box run to make sure his diet didn't consist of Cheetos, Timmie and I headed off the Pinkie's Herpetology Lab, and joined Cindi, Nate, and Maggie in a supper of pancakes and sausages.

Of the group, Cindi and I were the only ones to stay awake through the whole movie. I love that thing - it takes camp to extremes rarely seen. And I do love me some really bad jokes. I mean, c'mon - our average Joe hero is named Norm Median!

Around 5:00am or so Timmie and I marched back to the car, and I got us home - where he proceeded to near instantly go back to sleep. I did the same not too long after, after a bit of herbal tea.

I got back up today around 2:00pm, feeling much much better. The sore throat is largely gone, though my sinuses still feel kinda weird. So I'm still dosing myself with the Elderberry stuff. I assimilated the two discs that were delivered yesterday, picked up my dry-cleaning, and had a slow, relaxed dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, where I (surprise!) ate way too much. I'm still paying for that...

Tonight's activities are going to mostly include a renewed search for my leather (for tomorrow's Northern Faire outing), some disc research and purchase, and, hopefully, a relatively early descent into sleep - I am intending to get up at 8:00am tomorrow morning, after all.
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