September 27th, 2008



Yesterday afternoon was devoted to extra sleep, before getting up and rushing out to the bar to get ready for the debates.

I got everything working in true KoC fashion - after a certain amount of adjustment, the rabbit ears were positioned successfully, and KQED was coming in loud and clear.

Well, OK, maybe not incredibly clear, but definitely good enough on the visual side, and the sound was actually very good.

Both timenchanter and I were starving, so we ordered the pizza, which we then mostly scarfed down.

We even had a customer! Eme came in for the last half or so of the debate, and we all talked a bit afterward.

So yeah, not a huge economic advantage, but I think we'll do it again. Timmie and I both want to watch them, and the bar's fairly comfortable.

For those who didn't watched this, it was actually fairly interesting. First off, McCain did show up - he apparently declared that "things were stable enough" that he could take time out for the debates. Which was odd, given that the common word about the package on the papers this morning was "meltdown."

Second of all - and this disturbed several commentators - it was actually a debate. Many statistics and damn lies flew back and forth, but there wasn't a single good sound bite in sight.

Both men held their own pretty well, and they almost completely managed to avoid ad hominem attacks. McCain actually had a smoother delivery, mostly because Obama has a bit of a word retrieval stutter. McCain also managed to stay on the offensive for a good part of the debate, by the usual Republican method of spewing semi-factoids that Obama then had to refute.

I think that as far as swing voters are concerned, this was mostly a draw. I think McCain was full of it, but then, I started thinking McCain was full of it. He was using his "maverick" persona, and going on about the stuff he recently flip-flopped on, like, say, torture. I was a little surprised that Obama didn't take him to task for that.

Not to mention that apparently (1) going on many political junkets means you "know what's going on," (2) General Petraeus is one of the best military minds in the history of mankind, and (3) Sarah Palin's running mate should not be complaining about Obama's history with earmarks.

Anyway. I kept myself calm by scanning in the new discs. I still need to audit three of the four, which likely won't happen until late tonight/early tomorrow morning. But there will be new music for tomorrow's show. I expected another disc to arrive today, but that was not to be. I got bills, instead.

I left the bar around 8:30pm, came home, and procrastinated working on the tip jar until about 12:30am. At that point I had some supper at Carrow's, then came back and actually finished the damn thing. Well, I need to figure out something to stabilize the tape on the bottom, but it'll do. I've had it running since 5:00am, just to see how long the batteries will last.

And right now, I'm going to try for another hour of sleep before getting ready for raininroses's birthday dinner.
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