September 22nd, 2008

Celtic Cross

Another Long Night

I'm probably going to try the early Sunday idea for at least another couple of weeks before giving up - maybe think of how to advertise it better, I dunno.

It depends, in part, on timenchanter's capacity for punishment, to be honest. I don't have to stand on that spongy surface behind the bar.

In any case, our first customer of the evening was moahb, who showed up around 7:15pm, and asked for suicide songs. I got going with the three of us at 7:30pm.

It was a couple of hours before anyone else showed up.

There was snafflekid, who had generously bought me a tip jar at the Stripes garage sale. The tip jar I'd donated to them, as a matter of fact. It was an extremely nice thought, and funny as hell.

Cheri stuck with us all night.

supersniffles came in as soon as the football game was over, and joined Timmie and I for breakfast afterward.

There were two other singers - Adolfo (who I referred to as "drunk dude" here), and Georgina, who I gather I was supposed to remember. She was upset that she had to tell me her name, and looked kinda familiar. Ah well.

A few other people came in - foxypinkninja, for one. We also had a remarkably well-behaved Esperanza, and a gratifyingly short visit from Darko.

So not exactly a hugely busy night. The bar made, well, some money, so I made.. some money. We'll be fine for the weekend if tonight is fairly busy.

I finished off Kendall's last set of suicide songs, and got a much larger set as a reward. The only mistake he made was giving me a duet, and being there when the song came up. So the poor guy got stuck singing We Are the World with me. Awwww.

The odd thing was my last song of the evening - which I did just after he left. He gave me Dog and Butterfly, which is only not in my pile because I'm no Nancy Wilson. Or even close enough to fake.

But I love that song. I had a couple of dark days once where the thing that got me through was playing that particular song over and over.

I closed at 1:50am, at the end of the 19th rotation. And then, as I said, Cindi, Timmie and I went off to visit April at Denny's.

Then Timmie and I staggered our separate ways home, and went to bed. And that's about it.

I haven't been up for all that long today, and I'm likely to be going back to sleep...

Though I did just kinda apply for a karaoke gig in the City, of all places. I just need to find out if it would make enough money to pay for gas. Assuming a positive response, of course.
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