September 16th, 2008


And Going

I started singing last night just before 9:00pm. kizmet100 showed up, and asked for suicide (there was some delay while I built up a buffer), and synkitty came in, demanding ABBA.

And it built up from there, though not to exactly expansive levels - I did 10 rotations between then and 2:00am.

We had several more hours of blankreloaded, who again did his best to economically shore up the bar.

I had a huge amount of fun picking songs for snafflekid.

A couple of pleasant hours of Nate-o.

Plus this one group - Sai, Alex, Romel, Paolo, and Mark C. There may be another one, too, but that's most of them. I think they're Filipino, but, y'know, whatever. They seemed to have a good time, and played pretty well with others.

And that's largely it. The bar did slightly better than Sunday, with the result that the weekend was pretty much right on target.

timenchanter and I headed to IHOP afterwards, then home. Sleep should have followed, but instead I started watching my new Godzilla movie before conking out.

And now I'll likely be getting some more sleep.

If I'm lucky, I'll catch the UPS guy today. One of my shipments came in early, but of course I wasn't awake enough to get it. Another is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I have my doubts. UPS claims it's on time, but it still only shows last Wednesday's origin scan in Charlotte on the itinerary.
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