September 13th, 2008

Triskell Knot


Thursday evening...

I incorporated the two new cables, to all appearances without breaking anything too much. I also attempted to balance the yellow mic, with some success.

Though that mic was a nightmare to me all night. Apparently, when it gave me screeching feedback on Monday, the problem wasn't that the gain was too high.

The problem is that, at reasonable gain, it has suddenly decided to generate screeching feedback. It's very odd. The sound quality seems as good as ever. It's much as if it just, randomly, lost its directionality.

I spent a lot of time fiddling with it as the night wore on.

I still need to check if its settings are correct. If they are, I probably need a new capsule. I'd prefer a whole new mic (The AA batteries last over 7 hours, rather than the 2 and a half for the 9Vs), but a whole new mic would be a minimum of $300 (more likely $450), and I can replace a capsule for only around $100.

Anyway. I got to the bar on time, was set up on time, and even, against all probabilities, started up on time. There were only about 4 people signed up right then, but the number expanded.

And kept expanding. It was a very busy night. A large part of it was Noe's birthday party. I get to see her about twice a year now, the other time being Baycon. So there was her, and weasel420, and cmjfoxfyre, and Shawn, and helios77, and, well, all these people I just don't normally get to see, much less get to see at the bar.

Then tankgirl showed up. I'm assuming she's the one that convinced Honey to come out. I know she's the one that convinced Jennifer to come out (Jennifer Ahhhhhh). I hadn't seen her since the SJ Pride before last.

One of the things I'm not too happy with myself about that night is that I didn't check to see if she had any present gigs, so I could plug her. In fact, because of other things going on, my "thank you" probably sounded kind of curt, too. Ah well.

Then h2ocrazyguy brought out Yasser, of all people. I haven't seen Yasser in like forever.

sparkle_journal and jackal_logic came out, and brought their friends Denise and Elana.

I managed to shoehorn 5 rotations into the night, but as usual, that was only because people started to fade after midnight. In fact the 5th one was pretty much exactly 1:30am to 2:00am.

I did a lot of row reuse on my chart, so I'm not totally sure how many individual singers I had. Something in the 45 range.

Just before he left, snafflekid handed me a slip of suicide songs (turns out most of them were written by k_magic). I figured what the hell, why sing songs I'm good at in front of all these people I rarely see? Which is why my last two songs were Dance 10, Looks 3 and I Enjoy Being a Girl.

I'm both curious, and a little worried, about what the following songs will be...

Shutdown went reasonably smoothly. timenchanter and I commiserated about how sad it was that I'm not paid proportionately on Thursdays (We did very well), and then he and I went to Denny's with foxypinkninja, where I enjoyed seeing April being her vivacious self again.

Though apparently she's still kinda jumpy around the orange juice machine.

Then home, where I ordered some songs, then slept. I only made enough for one more that night, but I've also been trying to buy this one disc, and after having two places refund my money, It looks like I'm going to be able to get it from an Australian shop.

Not much happened during the day Friday, except Angela called to ask if I'd be interested in going to an SJ Giants game. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but it's something I haven't done, so I said yes.

Turned out, when we got there, that the game had been cancelled. So we did a quick walk through the Kelly Japanese garden, then had dinner at Gordon Biersch.

From there, we wandered up to Firehouse #1 to meet up with some of her friends (many of them seem to live there) and hang out.

It was Friday night in downtown. Kind of on the uncomfortably crowded side. Then back to her place with a friend of hers (Jason? Jay? I dunno) from back when she worked at Qualcomm. Interesting person.

He took off around 2:00am, she popped in the Hitchiker's Guide, then not too long after that went off to bed. I should shortly, finally, settle down on the couch and sleep. I'm here to make her feel safe. She hasn't slept in her own apartment for some time.

And, sadly, girls tend to feel safe around me...

Her apartment, by the way, is adorable. It's this funky second-floor addition to an older house. The ceilings are kinda low, but it's about 40 years old and oozes character. Probably literally in a couple of places.

Anyway, time to get some sleep. That is, in addition to the napping I've done in the middle of composing this.
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