September 10th, 2008



After my last post, well...

I still don't have the check from SJSU, so I transferred in some of my precious remaining tax-paying money, paid a bill, and bought the discs that have been paid for/asked for in the last couple of weeks.

A matter of priorities, y'know.

This is my first time buying from Karaoke Warehouse. Their prices aren't too shabby, they've got an extensive collection, and they don't charge shipping after a couple of discs' worth of purchase. Now it's just a matter of seeing how the transaction progresses.

It'll be interesting to see the reaction - if any - to this batch. No pop or alternative whatsoever, a couple of showtunes discs, one from the 60s, and one up to date, a recent country disc, and a 70s/80s rock(ish) disc.

After that bit of hard work, my body reminded me that I'd only slept for about 4 hours, and I went to bed, waking up too late to make it to timenchanter's office opening thing.

Well, waking up too late for me to make it. A normal person would have had no problem, but, y'know, after I leave hibernation, it takes a certain amount of sunning on a rock before I can move much...

Then not much until I picked up raven2000 at school, and we had a pleasant meal at the Cheesecake Factory.

I got home from that about 11:00pm, and while puttering around, rediscovered the showtunes project. It had been nearly two weeks since I'd thought of that one, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised it had drifted into the mists of time.

Somewhere in there I felt like I might be getting sick (which would explain Monday), so I took some of my snake oil elderberry stuff, and got to bed by 1:30am or so. Then back up at 5:30am, and I've been typing away on the showtunes project ever since.

It's disturbing how much of a deployment question changing the database schema has become. It's a very simple system, I'm the only developer and administrator, and damn near the only user.

Of course, I haven't exactly been a paragon of code reuse. Not to mention the fact that I seem to be following the path of "learn SQL by making your problem progressively more baroque."

So that's the spellbinding account of the last day or so. I'm sucking on some more elderberry stuff, and then I'll likely go back to sleep, to try to counteract the effects of actually waking up an hour before dawn. I mean, you know I'm likely ill in some way if that happens...
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