September 7th, 2008

Dragon K

A Night in the Tower

Apart from the various posts, yesterday was not high on the productivity list. But I did make it to the Tower by 7:00pm, which made me the first to get there.

It was a very pleasant night with jackal_logic and sparkle_journal. Not to mention genuine_snark and Joyce, justnate, timenchanter, Amy and her husband, Alex,Max&Tara (yeah, I know Alex&Max have LJ names. I'm feeling lazy), Veronica, and um, uniquely-named-guy & Kristen (I probably even have her name wrong, but his will escape me for a day or two). And, I believe, more, though that was enough.

For some reason, I was a little leery of drinking after the last time, so apart from a couple of sips of mead, and a black currant cider, the evening was spent drinking ginger beer.

But its OK. Timmie made up for me.

So much mit ze talking und ze munching und ze hanging out. 'Round about the time we probably all should have left, Nate put in Glorious, which I attempted to watch all the way through. I only slept for a bit, though towards the end I was the only conscious person in the living room.

At about 3:15am, Ryan and Chelsea came in from the balcony with the announcement that they were going to bed, and those of us able to went home.

And that's about it. I've slept fitfully, woken up feeling uncomfortable, and am slowly working on coming back to life.

The usual, what.

Today is the first of the afternoon shows. There's actually been some small interest, so Timmie and I will hopefully not be completely alone for the afternoon.
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