September 2nd, 2008



Sunday afternoon around 5:00pm I got myself together, and headed up to the Dome for a relaxed, pleasant evening with the 'rents. I left there around 10:30pm, and swung by the bar for a (supposed) quick visit to check that everything was OK, and to talk to Jose.

Of course, I ended up leaving the place with timenchanter, around 1:50am.

The bar was dead. Dead dead dead. There were maybe 7 people in the bar, and at least two of them (Terry and Trankenstein) were there for karaoke.

Jose and I talked a bit, and we're going to try for early evening karaoke starting next week. The idea is that I'll start around 5:00pm, and run until at least 9:00pm. If he doesn't have anyone coming in, I'll keep going.

I don't know how well this'll work. I've gotten comments both ways. But hey - it's worth a try.

The plan was I'd stay for an hour, and then leave. Instead, I ended up hanging out with jorgitoelcubano, playing pool with Terry, and helping to rescue Tranky.

At around 1:15am or so, Tranky walked in to say it had locked its keys in its truck. It carefully keeps a spare key in its wallet, but, well, the wallet was in the truck too. More importantly, Tranky now lives with its parents, and they don't know.

So the fact that all of Wayne's "normal" clothes were in the truck was doubly hilarious.

Timmie and I both tried various ways of breaking in, and finally settled on using the fishing tape I keep in my trunk, along with an improvised hook, to get the keys out through a small crack in one of the windows.

Tranky tried to help for a while, but wasn't exactly good at holding a flashlight steady...

After that, our main delay getting out of the place was waiting for the Ruby/Wayne transformation.

Some fast food on the way home, some scraping the bottom of my bank account to cover rent, and then it was disc incorporation time.

I'm getting really picky. It took from 2:30am to 8:00am to incorporate three discs. This is somewhat understandable if you realize each disc had guide vocal tracks, so I was scanning in 48 of them, and for quite a number of those I had to cycle multiple times through scan/check/rescan until I got a clean copy.

The program I'm using reads more cleanly than anything else I've had, but has this odd resync issue. It'll decide the graphics are a little off-sync, then either back up or advance a few sectors, and start over. Mostly back up, which produces odd effects.

In case you're wondering, which I'm sure you're not, it rarely "jiggles" more than around 10 sectors. The CD-ROM read rate is 75 sectors/second, so the resulting file may occasionally be off by around 130ms. This isn't too serious.

Anyway, the amount varies from time to time. I get the impression it always resyncs at least once at the start of a track, but frequently does it in the time-filler area after the splash page. The upshot, though, is that I occasionally have to rip a track 6 times to get a clean copy. Most of the time, just twice, but still, it takes a while.

I finished with the basic job around 8:00am, just in time for me to walk next door and pay the rent. Then some time on the last few details involved with new discs, and a bit of sleep.

I got back up around 12:30pm, and started getting ready to visit a friend in an inpatient clinic. I didn't make it until 3:20pm or so (this is me, after all), which meant I hung out with her for a little over an hour before heading to the bar for the electrichobbit going-away party.

I got there just after 5:00pm, about the same time as Timmie. Mark and jorgitoelcubano were already there, as were a few others. I set up as quickly as I could, mostly to make sure everything was out of the way and done.

The "bar picnic" food was from Amber India, and was some pretty good stuff. And I got to hang out with the cool crowd (I even sat at cekyr0 and jeffercine's table with the big kids!). Around 6:45pm I began to get song requests, so I started playing at just about 7:00pm, with around 8 people already lined up.

So the evening started out quite busy. In fact, it stayed pretty busy until just about 10:00pm, when almost everyone went home.

It took 3 rotations to get to 10:00pm. The other 14 fit in the rest of the evening.

It was never quite dead enough to quit - just not exactly busy enough to feel, oh, I dunno, worthwhile. Still, there were some bright points. foxypinkninja felt comfortable enough to sing, for one thing. snafflekid got there late, and made quite the herculean effort to make through Don't Stop the Music, with a remarkable amount of success.

I also guaranteed that lucydogstringer would walk in, by declaring to Timmie and synkitty (the only people in the bar at 1:00am), that "this is the last rotation."

The last one ended at 1:45am, when Steven lost his voice. Apparently Springtime for Hitler was just too much for it.

The bar did quite reasonably for the evening. Not enough to be ecstatic about income (especially since, with the slow weekend, Paula's not about to be giving me a debt installment), but not enough to be panicky about it either. Well, not enough to be more panicky than usual, anyway.

From what little I've heard about bar business elsewhere, I should actually be rather happy with how the night turned out.

Timmie and I rolled out of there around 2:20am, stopped by IHOP for a light meal and some antisocial behavior (he had his book, I had my laptop), and then home, unloading, and sleep.

I still need more of that. And I'll probably get it once the laundry is done, or at least heading in that direction. Normally, laundry would be the least of my worries right now, but I'm out of pants. I find most places prefer that I have some.

Dunno if I'll make it to calling the FBI today. SJSU called, and I should get a check this week. I also have a couple of UPS packages that I'll likely sleep through, and I'm supposed to get the new mic soon. Hopefully before Thursday - by the end of the night last night my announcement mic wasn't working at all.

It'll of course turn out to be a problem with the mic cable instead, but what can ya do?
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I have a roomful of stuff! All my packages have arrived!


And the new microphone is dead sexy.

Now all I have to do is, ummm, incorporate it all...
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