August 27th, 2008


Two Day

I woke up Monday afternoon around 4:00pm, to find my latest karaoke package sitting outside my room door.

With the usual OCD results. I feel compelled to get the songs completely incorporated right now, because people must be able to sing them immediately.

Even though it takes an hour and a half or so per disc. And this was four. And, let's face it, people don't care that much. In fact, the only song done from the new discs that night was Britney's Piece of Me (which probably would be better titled as "Piece of Work"), which snafflekid tried to dump on celticnoor, and ended up doing himself.

I managed to get two done before jumping in the shower just before 7:00pm, grabbed some food (though if I'd been in less of a hurry I'd have remembered that k_magic was bringing some), and somehow got to the bar just after 7:30pm. Even though I was hurrying, I still didn't get running until 8:30pm.

And I definitely had people waiting.

'Twas a very good night. We had a large turnout for Tim's birthday, and a somewhat smaller one for 1ferritgurl heading back home.

So there was much with the cekyr0 and jeffercine and trivialt, a visit from a remarkably tanned candiddani right off the plane (and just before heading down to visit princesskiti22), sieurs electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, hogarthhughes, and many more.

We even got a visit from hektikat, who after swearing off partying for her birthday, had suddenly realized she had two more drinking days until school started. Her and Alex actually introduced themselves after many years, and we may just be graced with her presence this Saturday.

Things petered out enough by the end of the night that I was able to fit in 8 rotations, but it never really got dead - and the bar made bank. I also got a whole buncha tips, which have been converted into another disc order.

I spent a lot of the night snacking on Tim's food (Mmmmm... inari...), but still timenchanter and I felt a little peckish, so we snacked a bit at IHOP before heading home.

Where it was pointed out that he was dying from lack of 'net connection. So I put my old laptop back together with the new screws, booted it up, and then proceeded to both update the software, and remove some of the junk I had cluttering it up. It's all backed up, anyway, and Timmie doesn't really have an interest in most of those movies...

It had been quite a while since that machine had seen the light of day. I got to enjoy the Microsoft merry-go-round, and installed SP3, the updates to SP3, the security updates to SP3, the fixes to the security updates to SP3, and whatever else it felt like. Just not all at once.

I think it was around 10:00am when Timmie got up, and noticed that I hadn't yet gone to bed. Herding software does that to me. Of course, I then headed out to the Post Office, and got my package of fiddly parts from Malaysia, some gas, and a snack.

I think it was about noon when I moved the karaoke rack off my bed onto the workbench, and slept for a bit. Then up again at something like 5:00pm. The plan had been to visit raven2000 at 8:00pm, but she had just started a class that ran later, which gave me the opportunity to incorporate the other two discs.

In fact, I don't think I ended up at her place until 9:45pm, when after a quick tour (huge house, and someone really likes recessed lighting) I dragged her off to TGIFriday's. Despite my best efforts, she ate healthily. I, on the other hand, had the southwest mac'n'cheese.

Then back to her place, where we hung out for probably longer than we should - she gets up early in the morning.

Now, the logical person, returning to the Duplex, would, oh, I dunno, sleep. But this was me. I'd said something about trying to clean up two discs a night, and it had been some time since then, so I did five. That took me until about 8:30am, I think.

Right now I should be calling SJSU. My procurement contact is supposedly back in the office today. I don't mind being paid a couple of weeks later, but it really would be nice to know that I'm getting paid sometime.

I also should take the car in. It needs an oil change, and stinks like I've ignited the clutch every time I move rapidly in reverse...
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