August 24th, 2008



This should be short.

Got drycleaning. Saw parents. Had dinner.

Came home. Got hot knife to work - cut strap on monitor to reasonable length. Bid on microphone. Bought power conditioner. Shopped for foam.

IHOPed supper with timenchanter after he got off work.

Came home. Tried do-it-yourself foam program (CaseCad, a rough foam copy of eMachineShop). Found the cost of a foam blank without inserts was higher than the cost of the case. Uninstalled the program.

Verified that eMachineShop doesn't do foam.

Things get hazy. Well, I got hazy.

Crawled into bed around 8:30am, after sending text to hektikat about details of this afternoon's BBQ. Slept some. Haven't heard back.

Back up around 1:00pm. Fiddled more with foam. Accidentally found a place with diced foam of the right size, thought it might not be dense enough, but after some measurements, may be denser than what I've got. Ordered that and some spray adhesive, because ya can't have too many misadventures with adhesives.

And because otherwise, the diced foam just keeps dicing.

Now I'm late to get clean and dressed for the BBQ.

Obsessing about the little things helps one forget about the big ones.
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