August 16th, 2008


Bits and Connectors

I got to markobellydance and celticnoor's place around 10:30pm last night. The party at that point was them, Roger, candiddani (with some very intriguing price stickers), and jefferson. Then Lisa and Jefferson left within 10 minutes of my arrival.

I really need to look into a better deodorant.

timenchanter showed up not too long after I did, and Kristi started us playing several rounds of Asshole. Fun, even if I never quite figured out all the rules. It's hard to get my brain to take games seriously enough to incorporate them.

Which would matter if I cared at all about winning.

Anyway, a very pleasant few hours with them, then back home, where I, well, did more shopping. It is one of my favorite time-wasters.

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Meanwhile, I haven't had a whole lot of sleep (too restless), and I need to get myself together to visit the 'rents this evening.
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