August 11th, 2008



There's nothing quite like the joy of registering with a website that appears to have proper security, only to have them send you a "thank you for registering" message with your password in cleartext...
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After my last continuity post yesterday I, hmmm, well, I napped. I definitely remember nappage.

I got up in enough time to get some butane at Target, grab one of my free meals at Chevy's, and set up on time at the bar. I was ready to go at about 7:50pm.

I believe snafflekid wandered into the place at around 9:00pm...

But it picked up from there. I believe I had about 17 different singers over the length of the night, including sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, markobellydance, foxypinkninja, kizmet100, Nate-o, Colleen, and lucydogstringer.

We also had three new guys, ranging from very good singers to not bad at all. Tony was there to see trivialt, and both Aaron and Alex just kinda showed up. They're all pretty good looking, so there was a certain amount of salivation going on.

The bar did 20% below target, which is better than we've done for a while.

timenchanter felt falling-over-dead tired at the end of the night (Apparently he didn't sleep all that well at the Hamptons), so I drove him to IHOP, then home.

Today, well, today has been productive in only one thing. I now have liability insurance (and a teeny amount of property insurance). In order to do a $300 show at SJSU, I just spent $310.

Though, of course, that's $310 for the year, and I normally end up doing 4 shows a year there. It also seems that Seth may be getting me some work over at UCSC, which likely has similar requirements.

I'm getting to be all growed up an' legal an' stuff.

Oh, and for anyone curious, yes, Kendall declared multiple times that he kissed a girl, and he liked it.
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