August 9th, 2008

Dragon K


Right after my last post I decided to sleep a little, after all, which is why I didn't get to the club until something like 6:30pm.

Oh well.

The fact that I had to drive to a couple of different places before finding the plug I needed might have had some effect there, too.

I rather sloppily put the whole thing together - not only are my soldering skills marginal, at best, but it seems that trying to solder a large-gauge copper wire to a large plug is perhaps beyond the normal abilities of a Radio Shack 15W soldering iron.

However, I at least got the wire solidly tacked to the plug, and when I hooked it all up, the sub worked just fine.

Then all I had to do was tack the wire up. That took some time, mostly because a good part of the run was on the beam directly above the equipment in the DJ booth, which is difficult to reach at best. The last part of the run involved me standing (gingerly) on the main shelf in the booth. Not fun.

But it's done, now.

Of course, while I was doing that, our impresario, DJ Jose Kuervo (Oy) came in, and started decorating. Which meant I got to help hook him up to the sound system, position lights, and I put up the *&$*%) black lights.

I gotta say, though, that his black light idea is pretty cool. He put up a few stretchy pieces of white fabric. With a black light behind each of them, they glowed very prettily.

'Round about 9:30pm or so I took off, and had a relaxed dinner at TGIFriday's. Just me, the laptop, and high-fat, high-cholesterol foods. Ahhhhh...

Then back to the bar at around 11:00pm. Things had really picked up, both in people and in volume.

That whole "not able to hear anything through the back wall" bit? Not so much. On the other hand, in the time I was there, we received no complaints from the hotel. Wayne went back on the roof to check things out, and found another vent to stuff with fiberglass. He also had a nice conversation with a second-floor hotel guest, who said he could hear nothing when his window was closed.

On the other hand, I had a bit of a balancing act between timenchanter, who wanted the front door speaker down (so he could hear), and Jose, who wanted people walking in to "feel the volume."

The bar did very well. It might have done better if Paula had stocked better - she sold out of several items.

Live and learn.

When I first walked back in, I found myself welcomed by the "white booth," consisting of foxypinkninja, trivialt, Nate-o, kizmet100, and another guy I didn't know. They all seemed to be intimidated by the crowd, which seemed funny to me. It was definitely a latin crowd, but they were pretty well behaved.

It wasn't like, say, a Saturday.

Nate-o, for whatever reason, covered his nervousness by making loud Mexican jokes. I guess he wanted some level of persecution. He didn't get it.

Around 1:00am or so, I decided to go home. I didn't feel like lasting through another hour, just to make sure shutdown went OK.

I've amused myself since then in various ways, but mostly by researching and buying a couple of discs. Tips on Thursday were quite generous, and I just spent all but $4 of them. I don't know how popular this pair will be, but I think they'll be a good addition to the collection.

Besides, I just can't funnel everything into recent pop. Well, I tend to feel I shouldn't.

I just came back from a convenience store run to satisfy a chocolate craving, and now I'm just about ready to sleep.

Good night!
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Does anyone have a leather punch? My belt is at the point where it frequently falls down onto my hips, which is just not right. It's time to add another hole, and bring it back to "uncomfortably tight."
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