August 5th, 2008


Enjoyment and Suffering

Last night's show was actually pretty good - for a Monday, that is.

Though I shouldn't say that - the bar made almost as much last night as we did Sunday, so the weekend total is only 17% down from target. Not too shabby at all.

I got back to sleep after my last post, and had another set of vivid dreams that I of course don't at all remember. I also had a terrible time waking back up - it was 8:00pm or so by the time I finally shrugged it off.

It was nearly 6:30pm by the time we left the Duplex, so timenchanter and I had a quick dinner at Taxi's, then opened the bar just as someone was driving up, at about 7:10pm. Someone else was driving away, which was mildly disturbing, but oh well...

The someone driving up turned out to be a guy named Mike, who stayed for a little over an hour. Timmie had a great time flirting with him.

I started the show around 8:40pm, when we had enough customers to start (Albert and synkitty). Then we got cekyr0 and jeffercine (Yay!), supersniffles, Andrew and a date/friend named Cortney (she sang her first two karaoke songs ever, and acquitted herself not badly at all), and eventually (Big Bad) John, lucydogstringer, and foxypinkninja (she decided to sing again!). I think that's everyone.

So yeah, no huge crowd, but it was a Monday. Though I did feel a little embarrassed when Steve and his girlfriend showed up. It was right in a lull - I think the rotation was 5 right then - and it's the first time he's seen my show. But at least I acquitted myself well on Mannish Boy right then. This was after I was finished with candiddani's first page, so I'm not sure who was torturing me for most of the night. Quite an amusing set.

Anway. Reasonably nice Monday. Twelve rotations. Finished at 2:05, etc, etc, etc.

On the suffering side...

Wayne came in while I was setting up. As I mentioned in my last post, there's a whole buncha panic with Wayne and Paula about this DJ that's coming in Friday. Wayne is convinced that he'll be playing much louder than Wayne does, which would be impressive, since it would mean the bartenders would have to sell drinks by sign language.

And Wayne got three sound complaints in a row from the hotel this Saturday.

He's convinced that the solution is to bring in 4 extra speakers (and I know they're going to be crappy-ass, distorting speakers), and line them up in front of the bar, pointing at the dance floor.

The concept that they'll be turning the back wall into a giant sounding board is kinda lost on him.

So I'm showing up Wednesday afternoon at 3:00pm, and we're going to try it, which is going to include listening outside the building with and without his additions. I'm going to make this into at least a slight positive by also checking out the relative volume at both the back wall and the roof. It's unclear which is leaking more sound.

I'm pretty sure we could solve the problem by doing some work to isolate the subwoofer, and plug it back in. It's hard to convince him of that, because he's still not figured out that the sub was unplugged over a year ago - and I'm under strict instructions not to tell him. We've gotten far fewer noise complaints since that was done.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at sound treatments, and trying to figure out how to get Paula to part with around $600...

I mean, a full solution would be much more expensive, but just at $600, it's going to be a matter of pulling teeth without anesthetic.

Anyway. That's some of my present entertainment. Back in the timeline, after the show, Timmie, Elly, and I did the Denny's thing, and had the usual fun time. Then home, unloading, sleep, an' stuff.

I've had my first bit of sleep for the day, and may forgo the second - I need to be up at the Dome at a reasonable time, and I'd like to hit Guitar Center, and see if they have some of this sound stuff in stock...
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Oh Yeah...

I found the missing little plastic piece from my keyboard when I got home last night. I forgot my case uses diced foam, so there are lots of little crevices for things to hide in - and it was.

My keyboard is whole again. Complete.

Which is good, because I just remembered that one of the programs I use does use the F7 key. Extensively.

I also have been playing around with recording settings. So I've been surreptitiously recording people. Well, only one successfully so far. I'm not sure if this is something I really want to do in general, but I figured I'd at least iron out the kinks in the process.

So you never know when you might be immortalized...
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