August 2nd, 2008



Friday afternoon, as planned, was largely spent setting up playlists and practicing using the music software on the laptop - specifically, Rhythmbox. I managed to discover a few gotchas, too.

So hopefully that part will go smoothly, tomorrow. Uh, later today.

I also filled out the paperwork to drain the last of my IRA, and dropped it off at the Lundy Post Office. I then headed toward McCarthy Ranch with the intention of dinner, got a random idea, and dropped by the Calaveras Chili's instead.

It worked, too. Since she injured herself recently, segajenison was hostessing, and immediately took me off to a table. We of course didn't have a long conversation, but we did have a couple of nice hugs and were able to talk a little, which was nice - I hadn't seen her for quite some time.

I was already late getting there, and dinner took longer than expected, so it was 8:00pm when I pulled into the KoC parking lot - and the Club Spice people were already there and setting up.

So it just wasn't practical to test the laptop setup then.

Besides, I was kept busy with setup, and the steady incoming trickle of music discs. There were the usual minor mix-ups - Esperanza forgot the background discs at home, and Ashley gave me a disc I had to use IsoBuster to read - but someone put together an iPod playlist of tracks for the beginning of the show, and, well, I invested in IsoBuster for a reason.

Otherwise, things went pretty smoothly. Well, apart from the breaker blowing on one of their stage lights several times. timenchanter and I think we know what to do about that in the future.

And I did make 4 minor errors during the show. But, fortunately, they were minor, and most probably weren't even noticed.

The dancers were, as last time, superb (and hoooooooot!), and it at least felt like we had twice as many people as last time. During the performances, people were ranked back from the stage, from the people sitting on the floor to those sitting at the tables to those standing in front of the bar to those sitting on the bar.

I got to schmooze with a few people, such as (Yay!) Debbie, hollyk, Brian, foxypinkninja (who hid in the booth when her phobias kicked in too badly), princesskiti22, and Nate-o.

They sent someone to get the background discs, so I just put that music on shuffle for the intermission/dance segments. Honestly, it was the best I could do, anyway - none of the tracks were labeled, so I didn't really know what would follow what properly.

Whether because of that, or simply because most people were there to see the demos, the crowd thinned pretty rapidly after I started playing the main dance mix. Ah well. I was busy talking to people.

In there somewhere, Nate-o browbeat Ashley, Missy, and another girl I don't know into doing a remarkably funny little dance number. So there were definite benefits to staying late.

After most everyone had left (Except electrichobbit (who was riding home with Timmie), Dana, Julz, and some friend of theirs), I dragged my speakers in, and tried the hookup with the laptop. It sounded fine, though I'm a little worried about volume - this was the first time I've ever had to raise my speaker's volume above minimum. But still, at 25% of max they filled the bar nicely, so at the very least I can use them for the ceremony if Bjorn's aren't loud enough. That church amplifies sounds, anyway.

Anyway, I'm tired, and I should get home for my 3 hours of sleep before getting ready for tomorrow. At least the car's already mostly packed. I just need to grab some gas, and add my suit and shoes, and I'll be ready to go.
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