July 31st, 2008


Biting Off More

Hmmm. What's happened. Well, of the stuff I said I wasn't likely to do, I, um, well, I called back the guy in the City, had a short but not very clear conversation with him, and will hear back from him today or Friday as to whether I'm doing a party Monday.

Talk about short notice.

The database lookup program is now complete. The silly dialog works properly, a few slight uglinesses have been cleaned up, and it has a proper icon, which is, of course, a vital part of the functionality.

I've also modified all the various database lookup scripts to now ignore deleted fields, so it's much as if MM98-05 never existed.

Around 7ish last night, it occurred to me that I really needed shampoo, also needed to get some adapters for Saturday, and, well, hadn't eaten since dinner on Tuesday. And the lack of blood sugar was starting to get noticeable.

So I took a quick shower (using my travel bottle of shampoo), rushed as quickly as I could to Costco for shampoo and some vitamins, then again rushed down to Guitar Center for the needed adapters.

And stood around staring at the display there for near half an hour. They never seem to have what I'm looking for, though they always have something that'll work. At least, I hope so. I need to mock up the secondary system for Saturday, and verify that all the pieces work.

Then it was a matter of using what brain was left to figure out where to get food. I was heading to the Valley Fair CPK when kshandra texted me, indicating a certain level of distress and having just downed alcohol on an empty stomach.

So I picked her up, and we went to the Oakridge CPK instead, where we had a most pleasant time, and I replenished my glucose levels. Normally when I go that long, I give myself a really nasty headache - I could feel it coming on, too. But, in the end, I missed it by that much.

After dropping her off, I came home, and started in on the whole book printing thing. I believe that was around 10:00pm. I'm now a little over halfway done. Since I've now split the book into separate artist and title indexes, there are a total of 20 books I need to print - and I'm almost done with book 12.

The main limitation is printing speed. I can punch and bind a book pretty rapidly, but it takes about 40 minutes to print one.

So I've been finding various distractions to keep me busy while waiting for pages to print. Like, say, this post. But also checking and repairing some song tracks that I know have serious errors. And thinking about how I might go to bed if I hadn't covered the thing in a wide array of different piles of printed papers and a binding machine...

I'm just not expecting to get a full quota of sleep today. For one thing, there are still some tasks I need to do, like get enough cash to pay the rent tomorrow.

Not to mention the fact that I'm having dinner with my cousin, and that's rare enough that I'll gladly skip some sleep for it. I believe she may even spend a little time at the show tonight.
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And... Thud

Welp, around 14 hours, 6 reams of paper, 2 toner cartridges (5,000 pages, hah! Does anyone actually ever manage only 5% coverage?), and 3,120 punched and bound sheets later, the new books are done.

I can finally toss the old ones, which makes me very happy. Not only are most of those falling apart, but even the two newest ones were from January 6th, and needed two different update sheets in order to be able to look at all the available songs.

Plus, with the extra room, I could throw in a duet and a Spanish section! OK, well, given my Spanish collection, the section is a page, but still, the principle is there.

And now, I get to sleep until 4:00pm! Yay!
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