July 26th, 2008


I'm a Dork

So, I had a pleasant, low-key dinner at Red Robin, then went to the bar for entropyca and deekers's bachelor party, where I hung out with many marvelous people.

That was definitely on the cool side of things.

The problem is that I have this... fear... of running out of charge on my laptop. So when I left the restaurant, I decided to hook the charger to the car inverter.

Because, of course, I have an inverter.

Now, this normally wouldn't be a problem, except I also offered to give blankreloaded a ride home. And threw the laptop and charger into the back seat.


After a trip to Jack-in-the-Box to satisfy Casey's inevitable post-drinking requirement for greasy food, it finally occurred to me what the odd knocking sound I'd been hearing might be.

So I pulled over the car, and retrieved the laptop's AC adapter transformer, which had been hanging outside the car for several miles.

The adaptor itself may be OK, though parts of the case are slightly cracked. I won't know until I get a new power cord, because the one it came with has been nearly sheared through.

So running out of charge on my laptop is now rather... inevitable. Which is why I'm typing this from the karaoke system. I'll see what Fry's can do for me in the morning.

The people I bought it from want $65 for a new adapter. I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that much - especially since it looks like what I've got is compatible with a fairly common Toshiba one.

This is where getting an oddball device can be a problem. But that's my specialty. This laptop was built on a Compal FL91 barebones system. Before tonight, I hadn't even heard of Compal. And a lot of people selling Compal adapters apparently have never heard of the FL91.
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I'm Doubly a Dork

As I said, my laptop AC adapter power cord was near sheared through. And it's that special "three circle" type of connector that seems to be only used by power bricks.

So I figured I'd need to wait until tomorrow and buy a new cord.

Completely and utterly forgetting the power adapter for my old laptop. Which has the selfsame cord.

And, slight cracks or not, Lite-on makes some damn good power bricks.

So I'm up and running on the laptop again.

I still may do some shopping for cheap backup adapters, though.
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