July 23rd, 2008


How Much Would You Pay...

Yes, it's another song update. Two new discs this time - SC-8734 and PHM-0803P. This brings the track count to 13,193, and the unique song count to 9,938. Slowly edging up on 10,000 unique songs, at which time I'll, uh... be happy I've got 10,000 unique songs...

Songs available on my songs page, new update sheets tomorrow, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Now I've gotta decide if I want to waste the time figuring out how to make MySQL handle the umlauts in Motley Crue...
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Progress, Of Sorts

Most of Tuesday afternoon, and a good part of the evening, was spent asleep. I was awake long enough to be fed some bacon fettuccine by timenchanter, and then finally hauled myself out of bed and through a shower in order to meet kshandra at the Cheesecake Factory.

I got there at 10:00pm. I should have been there by 9:30pm, but fortunately Kirsten is very forgiving. Not to mention an always-charming dinner companion.

Then back home, where I seriously didn't do too much.

OK, it's not quite as blank as it looks. Some fraction of the afternoon was spent corresponding with djmysteriousd about the mash-up karaoke project. There's actually a likelihood of some movement in that area.

Not that I haven't said that before.

Some sleep happened in there somewhere, and then it was today. Today I got a nibble from, I assume, the Craigslist ads. Unfortunately, it was from the Silicon Valley United Way, wondering if I'd do a free show for them. I don't have a huge beef with the U.W., so I said yes - haven't heard back, though.

It would at least be exposure.

Otherwise, the main activity of the day has been assimilating the previously mentioned two new discs.

And now, food.

Tonight's main tasks are laundry (I'd have done it before, but the dryer was apparently out for repairs for several days - I just saw that it was back again), and the verdammt DB display program. The way I act around projects like that is always irritating. We're not talking rocket science, and I've written myself copious notes about the project.

I just have this fear of actually doing something.
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