July 17th, 2008


Guess What?

Yes, it's that time again - as in two days since the previous one - to list more songs in the collection.

So far, the whole "tips for tracks" concept seems to be working.

Anyway, this installment includes SC-8874 and SFG-023, which brings our total track count to 13,154, and the unique track count to 9,913.

It also means the latest update sheet is exactly 9 pages long.

There's one pending disc that I'm still waiting for. It looks like that one shipped Wednesday morning, so I likely won't see it until Friday.
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Much Better

So, as mentioned earlier, most of yesterday was spent wrestling with discs, which I actually rather enjoy.

I also, which I doubt anyone noticed, whipped together a disc display page for the website, so I can show the contents of a new disc without having to hunt down a vendor page somewhere.

I actually got out of the house at one point (8:00pm) and had dinner at Chevy's. Either my taste buds were way off, or the cooks really wanted the customers to clear out.

It wasn't bad. Just... not good. But it also wasn't pizza.

I'm breathing well enough that I slept pretty solidly last night. I may even go out on a limb tonight, and not bring my emergency tea supplies. I'm not really sure what 8 cups of various herbal "health" teas do to my liver and kidneys, anyway.

I'll probably be coughing, and sound kinda nasal, but I will have a voice, and I'm positive I'm no longer infectious. I'm definitely into the aftermath stage, here.
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