July 12th, 2008

Dia De Los Muertos

I'm a Bad, Bad Man

I'll get to why in a bit, but I have two days to catch up on.

Thursday, timenchanter and I got up at an incredibly disgusting hour (Not just before noon, but in my case, 8:00 am!!!), and drove up to the City to meet with entropyca, deekers, and misswong77 at the church Bjorn and David are using for their wedding. Unfortunately, Seth was unable to make it.

They're having it at St. Mark's, which is simply beautiful. My part is pretty easy - I just need to coordinate sound. A little scrambling around, and everything's pretty much set - especially since they'll be providing me with the music.

From there, we ended up wandering down to the San Francisco Westfield Mall, where we grabbed some overpriced lunch, and sat around discussing the wedding.

OK, they sat around discussing the wedding. I passed out in my chair. But then, what I've got to do is much, much simpler than everyone else's set of tasks. I thought I was just tired, but...

Anyway, we got back home, I napped for a bit, and then it was time to get to the bar. It was a very, very good night, both for me and the bar. For one thing, cekyr0 ended his hermitude, and decided to face the hardships of the outer world.

And he was just one of the great singers of the night. sparkle_journal and jackal_logic came in (somewhat as usual, now), but I have to say that Chelsea was in extremely fine singing form. firestrike had been dragged out of Sacramento, so we had him and a large part of his harem, which meant we all got to hear kshandra. A couple of friends of Timmie's, Michael C. and Alex, spent all night, and they're both excellent singers. I kind of screwed up Alex, because I mixed up him and, well, Alex, but I think all is good, now. He at least got to sing both songs he put in.

Then there was Moon and Rain. I believe they were brought in by Honey. They're sisters, from Seattle, looking to settle down here. There are apparently 3 other siblings somewhere, and I'm scared to ask what their names are (Earth, Wind, and Fire? Sun, Storm, and Cloud?). But whatever - they're very nice, very attractive, lots of fun, and extremely good singers. We will hopefully be seeing much more of them in the future.

The rotation was saner than the previous Thursday - I started only about 5 minutes late, and closed down at 1:55am, at the end of the 6th rotation.

At that point, I was starting to realize that my rough throat was not just a product of a lack of sleep and snoring in a chair. I was definitely sick, I assume with whatever jeffercine is recovering from.

As I was shutting down, trivialt came back to return Timmie, who he'd kidnapped to go see Journey to the Center of the Earth. Timmie then tagged along with me to the Mini, where I went because they have soup. Beautiful, beautiful, soothing soup.

Then home, and the usual collapse. Well, a bit more of a "thud" than usual, to be honest.

Friday was overscheduled. First of all, I was helping sjgrrrl move. I thought of bowing out (y'know, sick an' all), but no-one else was helping. In fact, Paul B. flaked on her, so we didn't have a truck available. She got her uncle Ian to come and help with his truck, and we did a few runs carrying miscellaneous stuff with my little Escort, and eventually we got everything moved. Except her box spring. The only way we could have taken that along would have been to use a hammer on it first.

I'm, uh, not sure I told hollyk I was sick, so, um, sorry? Hopefully it didn't transmit?

That was the first strike of the day.

That was supposed to take a few hours. In fact, it took from 2:00pm to 9:30pm. I was supposed to be at my friend Melanie's birthday party in Foster City at 9:00pm. I made it by 11:30pm, which turned out to be OK.

And there's the second strike. I told no-one up there that I was sick, including Melanie any of the times she kissed me. I don't feel so bad about the group down here, because, well, let's face it: The group down here gave it to me. The most I might do to anyone who hangs around KoC is change how soon they get sick, not whether they get sick.

But I hadn't seen Melanie since February, and besides, I wanted to see how DJ Purple operated. He's been getting me gigs (he's the only reason I've worked at The Swingin' Door), and it's nice to, y'know, have some idea of the people you're associated with. The video on his front page was taken at the same place as the party last night.

Interesting style, and it works for him. Not anything I'd want to do personally, but that's fine. The worst I can say is that I don't generally approve of KJs that insist on adding their voice or musical instruments to someone else's song, but at least he does it reasonably well.

The 1,000 song collection wasn't exactly overwhelming, either, but then, his idea is to keep a high-energy dance evening going. The songs are obviously selected with that in mind.

The lack of pause between songs is interesting. I like to play a song in its entirety - he merges the outro of one song with the intro of the next, and people have to run up to grab the mic when it's their turn. The music literally never stops. I'm not sure how well that would scale to a larger venue.

Then again, I haven't seen him at a larger venue.

So, anyway, an interesting time, some useful info, and I'm a bad person for having gone, and a worse one for not telling the cute drunk girl that had her legs wrapped around me while kissing me that I was almost certainly infectious. But then, cute drunk girls that wrap their legs around me just happen to be one of my major weaknesses...

Hopefully some of the pictures her boyfriend took will come out.

Steve (DJ Purple) tried to close down at 2:00am, but then got convinced to keep going. I left around 2:15am. I suppose they aren't too worried about the cops. The venue was the bar for the Mariner's Point golf course. To get there, you have to know to drive in the exit gate, go around back, and then walk through darkness for some time to get to the bar. You can faintly hear that something's going on from the back of the parking lot. Given that, it's amazing he's got people at all, much less the crowd that hangs around the place.

From there I drove down to KoC. Timmie was thinking of going out after he finished cleaning up, and I was going to meet him there.

Turns out Julz doesn't know when to stop, either. Timmie was working on the theory that he didn't mind them singing while he was cleaning up, but then his cleaning was rather sporadic, since they had him singing every other song. I spent a lot of time running around, doing little clean-up tasks, turning off lights, that sort of thing. Julz at one point asked me if I was trying to shut her down. I believe the answer was "yep."

For one thing, Dana wanted to go home. For another, I wanted some food, if only to soothe my throat. I'd almost completely lost my voice doing Turning Japanese up at Steve's show. Need to add that to my repertoire.

So, of course, after I got them to stop singing, I ended up in a long conversation with Dana. At least I warned her I was sick.

Then it was off to Denny's, with, as it turned out, kizmet100. I think I told her. Hope so. If not, again, she's part of the same group that got me sick, so she only counts as a half-strike. But I do hope I didn't give her an extra birthday present.

Then home (about 5:00am or so), and a pretty rapid state of unconsciousness.

Today and tomorrow, I'm going to actually take it easy, and try to beat this thing. I've already skipped the follow-on wedding meeting, I've begged off from visiting my parents (I don't know exactly how many strikes I'd count for killing my dad, but I really do not want to find out), and unless I suddenly feel wonderful, I'm skipping Bootie tonight.

So, to anyone I may have infected: Um, sorry?
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