July 8th, 2008


Another Day, Another, Well, Dollar....

I had dinner at Chevy's last night. Again. They're starting to know me rather well.

Especially this one waitress. Really cute. Probably thinks of me as a father figure...

The funny thing was running into pjdorian's associate Steve on the way out. He said something about maybe coming to the bar later, which (shock!) didn't happen.

I got to the bar a little late. timenchanter wasn't there yet, because he'd fallen asleep, so the place wasn't open. I beat off the huge crowds while waiting for him.

It was definitely a slow night. Not insanely so, at least for a Monday, and Paula only lost a little money on the evening, but yeah - not exactly a profit center, was Monday. So yet another weekend under target - by almost 40% this time around.

But we did have some excellent people. Carol showed up and sang a song - as well as noted Mondays as a future destination, since she likes singing a lot. I really don't know how many years it's been since I've seen Carol.

I'm not even totally sure I've seen her since the Daybreak days, though that would be really weird.

Otherwise, we had Harmony, kizmet100, lucydogstringer, and several very nice hours of mvmedic. It's possible I'm forgetting someone, but I don't think so.

18 rotations between around 8:50pm and 1:55am. I was having a terrible time picking songs for Maggie, so I eventually fell back on her envelope, and gave her songs she normally doesn't do out of there.

Steven had a grand time picking songs for me.

So definitely a good time, just not much in the monetary department.

I was closed down fairly rapidly (go figure), and then went and blew the night's earnings at Denny's.

Then home, and collapse. I didn't even wake up and make it to the bed until 8:00am or so.

Of course, sleep has been kinda fitful, 'cause it's hot. It's 94° in my room right now.

So, since I can't sleep right now (though I'm about to head back that way), I've been setting up code for recurring events on the KoC website. I'm tired of the amount of coding I've been doing to set up the month's events, so I've been working on some PHP to solve the issue.

Though, again, that sleep thing: Looking awfully good.
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The Stuff I Do For Free...

The bar website has now been updated, at least to the extent that I know about.

It's not like Paula, y'know, tells me about these things. I just end up finding out.

But I can't complain too much. It's been a fun day and a half of playing with PHP, and I now have an event scheduling system that handles things like first and fourth Wednesdays, and displays the more immediate ones at the top of the page.

Mostly, it means that inserting future events at the bar will be considerably easier.

Now I just have to go back to the stuff I actually need to do...
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Triskell Knot

Stuck Between Gears

One of my failings is that I love to have done something, but I'm not so big on the doing itself.

I know I'm far from unique in that, but I think I take it to extremes.

So, anyway, I've been basking in the "glory" of my successful revamp of the bar website.

And having no luck whatsoever changing gears from PHP to Python, and getting somewhere with the song lookup program. It's intensely annoying.

Every time I try to take a look at it, my mind kinda slides right off of it.

Earlier, I blamed that on a lack of glucose. It's one very pleasant (and wonderfully air conditioned) dinner at TGIFriday's later, and I can't complain about that.

I suppose I could lay it on the heat. My room is down to a frigid 89° right now, though.

I mostly think I'm just lazy.

Eh. Blame it on the rain...
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