July 3rd, 2008


Up... To... Thud.

All the new discs have been entered into the database, and the new update sheets are printing out as I type.

The count is now at 13,093 tracks, of which 9866 are unique.

I started at something like midnight, a bit after I got back from dinner, and, well, now I won't exactly be fully rested for tonight's show. That's the way it goes, an' all.

It was of course damned Music Maestro and their damned unattributed latin songs that took most of the time. What was worse was that they'd frequently list the authors. Incorrectly, for a number of them (Alberto Beltrán is not A. Bertrand, and Juan Luis Guerra was listed as J.L. Guerrerra on one track), but at least they'd taken the time to track that down.

But now I've got most of them attributed, and some of those, I'm relatively sure, correctly.

I don't know who's represented by the version I've got of Yo No Camino Más (Not a lot of samples to compare to, and many covers), all I know of Rosa María is that it's not the Lucero version (he claims the original lyrics are by D.A.R. - and I doubt he means the Daughters of the American Revolution), I threw up my hands and attributed Compadre Pedro Juan to Alberto Beltrán (at least I know he did a version), La Paloma dates from 1863 (and may be the most covered song on the planet), who knows whose version of Angelitos Negros I've got, Alma Con Alma and Encadenados were kinda thrown to Jon Secada and Luis Miguel, respectively (in the latter case, despite stylistic differences. I was getting tired and cranky), that version of Hipocresía doesn't really match Los Pasteles Verdes, and Mi Cucu isn't quite the La Sonora Dinamita version (but that's what people know, so I ceased caring). Also, I got too fond of listing stuff as Cheo Feliciano. What can I say? I like the name.

Sleep. Now.
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Why Am I Awake?

I'm going to have to try napping in my chair for the rest of the afternoon, because if I climb back into bed, I will not make it to the bar on time. Alarms simply will not have an effect.

Sad but true.

I'm trying to think of anything that happened in the last day or so that didn't involve karaoke. I, um, had dinner last night at the Cheesecake Factory, because they were there and open. The choices tend to get smaller when your first meal of the day is at 10:00pm.

The garlic noodles appear to have been made with extra oil. Ummm, yay.

I got a call back from good ol' Vinnie at 9:40am, which I answered because I was rather stupidly awake.

It was kinda inconclusive. It sounds like he's looking for a regular Friday entertainer, and I'm not going to be available for a number of Fridays in late July and August. I told him that, and he said he'd think about it and call back.

Which he apparently did at 1:00pm. To leave an incredibly useful "Please call me back" message. People, if you get voicemail, try to say something to advance the conversation. Granted, I didn't when I left one for him at 3:30pm, but then I don't have anything more to add at this point.

Except, perhaps, "Where the fuck is this restaurant?" I suspect, of the various Dino's out there, that it's this one, especially given the contact email address.

I always have loved driving. A 60 miles round trip (half of it during rush hour) sounds sooo enticing...
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