June 19th, 2008


But Wait! There's More!

The last disc of the order, CB-30069, arrived today, and has been assimilated into the collection.

Everything's available on the songs page, update sheets tonight, yada yada yada.

Yesterday I got notification of a $6 disc sale, and so stayed up well into the morning figuring out what to get. So I should have 6 more discs next week. It was going to be just 4, but ya know how these things go...
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After my last main post, I - eventually - called Sennheiser, got the parts department, and was allowed to leave a voicemail - which was never returned.

S'OK. I called again this morning, actually got a person, and ordered the whole mic case, with 3-day shipping. All together, it was just a little over $50. Given how much the mic costs, that's nothing.

The rest of the day was spent incorporating three discs.

Then it was a matter of getting ready for dinner with jorgitoelcubano and electrichobbit at Jorge's place. A predictably pleasant evening, and the first time I've seen misswong77 in ages. Possibly since the wedding.

timenchanter and I left there around 10:00pm, I think, and then dropped by the bar. Definitely an... interesting... night. A nice group of people, on the whole, but also both Terry the Wino and Esperanza. Poor Stephanie - and poor everyone else. She finally ejected them both.

I actually avoided almost all of that. I talked a fair amount with foxypinkninja, finally got around to telling Julz and Dana to correct the grammar on their fliers (Yes, I can be a bitch), and played several games of pool with Terry (the tranny). I didn't sing, simply because it wasn't what I felt like.

They weren't at a loss for singers, anyway.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what I may have done about Sundays. A fairly nice, but somewhat drunk, Slovak named Darko was there, having them play some of his music. He wants to bring in a group of expatriates on Sundays. I said sure, because for some reason I was still thinking karaoke. And I think he was thinking DJ. He's got my number and email - hopefully he'll use those, and we can get things ironed out before there's any conflict.

Should be interesting, at least.

I came home, and mostly dozed in my chair - largely in prep for calling Sennheiser early. But I also had just gotten notification of a $6 karaoke disc sale. So a lot of the morning was spent researching what was available at that price vs. what had been requested. In the end I ordered 6 more discs - so we'll have a lot more songs next week. Though, looking at my bank account, I may only get 5 of them (they won't ship backorders for the sale). Oh well.

Against all expectation, I have a party scheduled for this Saturday. Now all I need to do is not suck.

There was some sleep somewhere during the day today, but not exactly huge amounts. But hey - all the discs have been incorporated, and I'm not feeling too bad. I may fade pretty badly tonight, though.

In any case, onward! I need to take a shower, and get some food...
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