June 11th, 2008



I should be happy that I've had a relaxing day.

Except it's not relaxing when every minute you're not doing anything productive, you're also yelling at yourself for not doing anything productive.

Today's Craigslist ad was, indeed, written and posted. It hopefully doesn't suck too bad.

As far as I can tell, most of my ads do a beautiful job of convincing people I'm a weirdo. Which, let's face it, means the real me shines through my writing...

Surprisingly, I didn't finish my entrée at the Cheesecake Factory. Apparently I have these little fits of self-control from time to time.

I spent some time wandering Valley Fair after the meal. I tend to like the color and noise of malls. I stopped in the Sharper Image to look at the liquidation sale. I gotta say - if your company is closing down its stores in large part because your prices are twice as high as they should be, trying to dump everything by knocking them down 20% is rather underwhelming. Which might explain why there's so much product left on the shelves...

Then I came home, where I've been ever since. With very little to show for it. I've been watching an MST3K episode, playing Snood, and reading webcomics. The usual, what.

And toying with the thought of sleeping. Then I can have odd dreams about being unproductive...
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The day I get around to putting up a Craigslist ad about how cheap I am, I finally get a bite.

So of course the quote I gave her will probably be more than she's willing to pay...

I should have known what it was that would get the average Craigslist reader excited.
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