June 9th, 2008



This will be a bit sketchy - it's been a bit.

Friday was not hugely productive. I did some laundry, went to TGIFriday's, and worked on my Craigslist ads. Well, I restarted the first one, brainstormed on ad titles, and came up with 5 that I liked. At this point I have 7 - and 5 that I like.

But at least on both Saturday and Sunday, I came up with slightly different ad copy for two of the titles. So I have 3 out of 7 written, and out there.

They aren't necessarily good, but they're out there.

Saturday was the BBQ at raininroses and amor_ereptor's place. This meant getting up "early" at 11:00am in order to drag myself there by 3:00pm. Definitely worth it.

Many great people, including, of course, Marjorie and Jeff. I never got around to getting in the hot tub, but I did some talking with those who were, and also, even, before we were rather suddenly interrupted, managed to get in a quiet relaxed conversation with cekyr0.

I left around 3:00am, took trivialt and electrichobbit to their respective homes, then got to mine and managed some sleep.

Then back up again at 11:00am in order to get ready to go to the last showing of qzar_mystik's UrineTown at the Douglas Morrisson Theatre. I went up with princesskiti22, Alex, and jeffercine.

Definitely a fun show, and a remarkably professional production for community theater. Some excellent singing and acting.

We were all hungry, so we adjourned from there to On The Border, where we had much fun and way too much food.

Then the whole getting to the bar and setting up thing. I was a little late, and was only ready to go by 8:10pm.

By 8:50pm, I had three singers (myself, timenchanter, and kshandra), and started.

But then people started accumulating for supersniffles's birthday. The rotation never got huge (I believe the largest was the third, at 17 people), so I was able to fit 7 into the night before about 2:05am. But the bar got pretty busy for a Sunday. In fact, bar income for the night was slightly more than target for the weekend, so anything made tonight will be gravy.

One hell of a fun evening. I definitely regret not having video of firestrike making out with Keri...

Something like 11 of us adjourned from there to IHOP, where we all had a damn good time, except for Cindi, who was busy being unconscious. And getting her hair braided by lucydogstringer. He also braided mine, which I was told was "attractive" by, I think, Chelsea. I have no idea, since, being my hair, the braid was out by the time I got home.

Where I've been alternating nodding out and composing this ever since.

And that was what I did with my weekend. Today is scheduled for catching up on sleep.
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Sri Yantra


I just finished catching up on sleep, since participating in the weekend required limiting my sleep to 4 hour chunks.

Well, that and posting Yet Another Cheesy Craigslist Ad™. That makes four so far, with three to go.

And I've decided I don't like any of my remaining ad titles. For some reason, those are the hardest part of the process - I can just hang the rest of the ad on the title.

Obviously, not a huge amount to report since my last post, given I've been sleeping.

But one of the things about catching up on sleep - especially in hot weather - is the dreams. One of them was just odd - I was driving up something like Wolfe Road, found myself behind a car I recognized, and followed them to a bar I used to work at (hmmm...). Not a place I actually know, mind you.

I then proceeded to explain to one of the patrons how they'd improved and enlarged a giant fish tank I used to clean when I worked there...

The clear dream, though, was one in which I was motorcycling around, apparently on some sort of small, road-adapted dirt bike. Somewhere in the Almaden area, I think.

Hard to tell, because I suddenly found myself riding down the middle of a corridor in someone's house. I got the bike into the back yard, and the rest of the dream was myself trying to apologize to the relatively nice (but slightly hick) young couple that lived there.

Including a whole "No, I don't know how I ended up in your house" bit, leaving my card with them, offering to pay for damages, and in general trying to figure out how to get them to let me go without calling the cops...

Probably just foreshadowing for the inevitable Alzheimer's. Interestingly enough, I was using the same business card I have now.
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And Here We Are

Welp, I was pretty much set up on time this evening.

I've put together a list of songs for timenchanter to sing, so I'm largely prepared to start whenever.

Timmie's reading his book, and I'm playing all of my longer videos.

The question now is whether anyone will show up...
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