June 5th, 2008

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So much to do, and nothing done...

I at least got up by a reasonable(ish) hour today - about 5:00pm. In large part because timenchanter brought a princesskiti22 home from seeing Indy.

Well, I was sorta heading that way, anyway.

So a fun evening ensued of hanging out with the Keri, eating Timmie's pasta, and trying desperately not to distract her from working on her paper.

And failing miserably, of course.

Around 10:00pm, Timmie headed off to the bar with a desire to sing.

Around 11:00pm, Keri headed home with a desire to sleep.

Around 12:30am, I swung through Carl's with a desire to eat.

And that's about it. Not a bad day, by any measure - just a supremely unproductive one. Mostly because my head seems to be filled with static. It's been very hard to concentrate.

Think I'll go back to bed. Or finish off Vampire Hunter D, Bloodlust. Something.

Oh, and Hillary pretty much gave up today, finally. Hopefully the party can heal enough by November to defeat McCain, who's looking steadily more scary.
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"Atheism: Being good because you want to, not because you're going to hell."

Occasionally Fark coughs up a good one-liner...
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More Fark goodness:

A: ...then you are not an atheist, you must worship aliens.

B: Why? Just because I could "believe" that aliens created the universe doesn't mean I have worship them.

B: I "believe" my workstation is bought from Dell. I do not worship them.

C: Yes, but if you had bought an Apple you WOULD worship Steve Jobs. :-)
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