May 28th, 2008



OK, the parties page has finally been updated.

I don't know if this incarnation is any good, but it's hugely better than the old one.

I'd appreciate any comments, especially constructive criticism about content or style. I've already fixed 5 or 6 awkward phrasings. I'm sure there are more - I'm at the point right now where it all looks like a mass of words.

Now I need to try to focus on putting together a good Craigslist ad, and also little phrases for Google Adwords.

Why the hell is getting work more of an effort than the work itself?
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Triskell Knot


Apart from the snippets I've already posted about, I've uh, uh, well...

Got gas at Costco before they closed up.

Got an 8Gb flash card I'd ordered, transferred my old one over (tar for the win!), and started using the new one in my phone.

I've written up and mailed out a rebate for said card.

I've purchased my membership for next year's Baycon.

I've, uh... taken a shower?

I'm finishing up a second plate of timenchanter's spaghetti right now. I was entertaining thoughts of the 10:20pm Iron Man showing at the Mercado, but that seems like too much work right now.

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Craig Jacta Est

So I now have a Craigslist ad. Hopefully, it'll do better than my last one, which got zero (0) responses.

Part of my daily ritual is now gonna be reposting that ad...
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