May 21st, 2008


Much Funnity

It's been an awesome couple of days.

Granted, Monday was kinda slow, but heck, it was a Monday. Bar (and therefore my) income was down for the weekend, but by a fairly trivial amount.

In any case, we had some wonderful people (even some trivialt), and a full evening of snafflekid. bluize visited, and brought moonshae, who eventually got tipsy enough to try singing.

After many months, we had the return of, well, if I have the right person, Sara (who used to hang out with Shawn and Eddie), with a couple of girlfriends. She's trouble, but cute trouble, and even arriving at the end of the night, the three of them made a noticeable difference in the bar's income.

And quite a number of others. It was never exactly crowded, and I didn't get started until about 9:00pm, but all-in-all not shabby in the least. I closed at just about 2:00am, at the end of the 11th rotation.

I was pretty sure I'd run out of the princesskiti22 song selections, which got Kendall quite excited. He, and more worryingly k_magic, spent quite a while selecting out something like 30 songs. The Kendall ones have turned out to be pretty easy, but I expect I'll know when I get to the slip of Tim ones...

I didn't do too badly with suicide song selections, either. Not that people didn't reject songs, but most of the time they only rejected one.

We were shut down by 2:30am. Actually, I was shut down earlier than that, but timenchanter had to remember the drink purchases of the evening, since unknown to him, the paper had jammed in the cash register. Good thing it was a slow night.

Then he, I, and supersniffles retired to IHOP for supper, and much conversation was had.

Then some of that sleep stuff, and waking up this afternoon to head down to Oakridge for a preview showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with Stanley.

He'd won tickets, and while I wasn't his first choice, I was the one available...

It was quite a fight through traffic getting there, made amusing by passing Stanley on the way - especially since he was coming from a completely different direction. I waved, which he completely didn't see.

But that's OK. He was on the phone with the Empress at the time.

We stood in line for about an hour, managed to snag some decent seats, and watched an awesome adventure movie.

If you liked the rest of the franchise, you should see this one. Much adventure, much cliffhanger, and huge amounts of camp. It's worth it for the snake scene alone.

And that's not the best scene.

Then we met with Timmie at the Cheesecake Factory. Stanley was only able to stay for a little bit, but it was enough for us to tease the hell out of Timmie with spoilers, so it was all worth it.

Some of them were even true.

And then home, where I'm sitting. It'll be a while before I go to sleep - hopefully I'll actually do something productive for a change...
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