May 17th, 2008


Most Excellent

Yesterday turned into a hell of a lot of fun.

Granted, at the beginning (and the beginning, for me, generally starts around 3:00pm), I was barely able to think from the heat. I took another shower that felt kind of pointless, got myself together, and kind of decided that since it was rush hour, and getting late, that maybe I should just head over to La Fondue on my own.

Partway through stopping for gas I got a slightly panicky call from timenchanter, wondering where the hell I was. Uhhh...

So I swung back by the Duplex, we piled into his car, and then proceeded to fight our way through some of the worst rush-hour traffic I've ever seen to Saratoga.

We were about 10 minutes late. Fortunately, this isn't one of those restaurants that cancels reservations if you're 30 seconds over. At least, they don't if it's early in the evening.

Much fun. The party ended up being the two of us, k_magic, and princesskiti22. Keri was just slightly later than the rest of us, and there was some discussion of seating, so I decided she'd sit directly across from me.

So the décor was definitely nice.

That of the restaurant itself was... odd...

It kind of looked like what a 25th century archeologist would do, trying to recreate a typical early 1970s home.

So anyway, that was my first experience with La Fondue, and I have to say, the food lived up to the reputation. The worst I can say is that while the meat course was very good (I've always loved Fondue Bourguignonne), the cheese and chocolate were better. It might be interesting to just try an evening there sans meat.

And I just may have to try the whole Frangelico/bittersweet chocolate thing at home - or Hamptons...

Afterwards, the four of us had a nice, leisurely walk along the snooty streets of Saratoga (Well, street, really), where Keri and I probably didn't help the other two feel too great, because somehow the conversation turned to the odd stuff women have used to douche...

Then we all climbed in our cars and headed to Oakridge, where we met up with cekyr0 and jeffercine to see Prince Caspian. For some reason, I really can't remember the book (sad, since I own the boxed set, and have read it several times). Apparently, given the deviations from the story, I should be glad of that.

I can't help but think, though, that Lewis would have approved. It was a fun story, with much action and excellent CGI, and the Christian propaganda was just as heavy-handed as any of the originals. I had a wonderful time.

And that was pretty much the night, and a truly marvelous one it was.

What's really unfair is that I'm getting another swank birthday dinner tonight, this time with family. And Timmie, if he's still alive after cutting down sugarbare's weeds...
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