May 11th, 2008

Ice Cream

Bootie Calls

I'd completely forgotten, yesterday, that my parents were off at a party for most of the day, and didn't expect me up at the Dome. I really should mark some of these things down.

So after assimilating the disc that arrived yesterday, I was left to my own devices. And last night was a Bootie night.

After a little bit of a comment exchange, it turned out that raven2000 was up in the City, and wanted to go.

Yeah, I know.

Partway through a quick Panera dinner, the lovely blankreloaded texted me to talk about going to karaoke (and, in fact, went to 7 Bamboo).

Tempting, but as I told him, given a choice, I'll take the more self-destructive route - especially if it involves a cute girl...

So I eventually found the area where She Who Must Not Be Named was staying, and from there eventually made it to the DNA Lounge.

An incredibly fun night. Smash-Up Derby was on (though whoever was handling their sound, um, wasn't. Lots of mic level problems and feedback, and several requests by the band (like, "could you turn the keyboard on?") were ignored until the fifth or sixth iteration).

Trixxie was even almost not wearing too many clothes, and was also upstairs go-going for a bit. Just a little bit - she ended up sitting down on the speaker she was using. I suspect it might have had something to do with her head being directly in front of another speaker when she was standing. Or the high heels...

I was showing the place to SWMNBN when we were passed by Adrian, and I said something like "That's Adrian." He thought I was calling his name, and came over to talk. So I introduced myself, and we talked about the whole karaoke idea.

It turns out Smash-Up Derby is going to be doing some studio recordings - and was planning to provide background-only tracks anyway. I need to drop them another email, but essentially, this means I can easily do Smash-Up Derby karaoke. Trivially, no - properly timing the words is work. But at least I don't have to try to recreate a mash-up from scratch.

So that was exciting. After that we tried a couple of times to go introduce ourselves to djmysteriousd, but when she's not in the booth, she's kind of, well, mysterious - or at least elusive.

Other than that, lots of dancing. Or at least what passes for dancing in my case.

Then some Bagdad Café, and then we, um, well, tried to find a motel.

And failed. Miserably. It was really quite funny.

But there was much enjoyable driving through the City, including the obligatory almost-taking-the-Golden Gate, followed by meandering through the Presidio. I dropped her back off at her friend's place around 5:00am, then drove home as dawn was breaking.

Home, and asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I'm thinking of doing a bit more of that...
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