May 10th, 2008


Video and Sound

I of course didn't make it to the bar by 7:00pm last night. For one thing, I went back to sleep, and woke up too late. For another, I had to make a round of stores...

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The problem, and the reason for all this blather, is that I had to go to several stores, buy several cheap gadgets, take them to the car, test them, say "nope," and head on to the next store in line. This took a little time.

I got to the bar around 8:15pm, just in time to interfere with Julz and Dana's setup. Still, the new cable was run, and the new filter in place, before they were supposed to start at 9:00pm. Plus they really didn't get going until 10:00pm.

It was in some ways gratifying that their show was even deader than my Thursday. In fact, it turned out the largest part of the crowd was family.

Speaking of Thursday, I had to deal with Paula doing her "What are we going to do about Thursdays?" bit. I just love that she does that every time we have a bad night - even if the previous week was excellent.

Still, even though they insist on using their speakers (which are OK), and putting them directly behind the singers (I had to keep moving off the stage to avoid feedback), it was a fun evening. Failing voice or not, I ended up staying until around 1:15am, hanging out initially with Cheri, and later, when he dropped by, trivialt. That was nice - I don't get around to talking to Stanley much. At least, not in person.

There was a little talking with the elusive-but-lovely alphaba, as well, before she sped off.

It's also too much fun finding the obscene songs in Julz's collection that she didn't know were there.

My plan had been to go grab dinner at TGIFriday, but it was getting late for that, so I decided on the Cardinal instead. It had been a long time. The usual slow service, but quite decent food.

Then home, and, eventually, some sleep. I've been "up" since about noon, though I really need to clean up for the day, and see if I'm going to the parents' or not. It'll be their decision. I'm still kinda sniffly.
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Yet More

One of the discs I've been waiting on came today - all new release stuff.

Take a look. It's CB-30070, for those unwilling to just scan through 5 pages...
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