April 22nd, 2008


Coarse Grind

Surprisingly, I made it up and out of the house yesterday. Not with enough time to grab any real dinner, but that didn't stop me - I went to Taxi's, and then got to the bar late.

I needn't have hurried.

I think I started showing videos around 9:00pm or so, but I didn't have enough people to start a rotation until 10:00pm, when the ever-lovely candiddani walked in and made a third regular singer.

It actually picked up a bit from there. We had a visitor from out of state (Greg) who ended up singing quite a bit, as well as what I gather is an employee of his (Katie) who arrived around the same time as Lisa, and sang both quite a bit and beautifully. I gather she's local - hopefully we'll see her again.

Then kizmet100 and foxypinkninja showed up, and this other new group (Laura, Arthur, and Mirka).

With all that, I managed to do about 8 rotations before closing at 1:50am.

It was considerably easier for me that I was only selecting for timenchanter, Lisa, and Maggie. I won't say my selections were amazingly "on," but they weren't hugely off, either. Some major duds, and a couple of real successes.

It was cold in there for most of the night, partly because, around 10:30pm or so, Timmie decided to light the fireplace.

Without checking the flue.

It got kinda smoky in there for a while. He had to open the side door and run several fans.

I still think it smelled better than most fog juice.

I've certainly had worse Mondays, but I was kinda hoping for one that would make up for Sunday, as opposed to one that was proportionally worse. The weekend total ended up about 40% lower than I expect. That's show biz.

Timmie and I went to Denny's afterward, where I used my profits for the night to pay for dinner.

Then home, and, eventually, unconsciousness.

Today I woke up around 1:00pm, and tried to hurry up to my parents' place. I wanted to be there by 2:00pm - I managed 4:00pm. Still, my mom and I managed to make it down to the mechanic's shop in time.

Turns out the problem with the truck was a mouse. Not only did they fix the wiring, but they also, after some effort, managed to flush out the mouse.

Then, after some haggling, my mom sold the truck to the mechanic - for what was a slightly low price, reduced by the cost of repairs.

So, I no longer have a truck I can borrow - future truck adventures will just have to involve rentals.

I was feeling oddly woozy after all this, so I skipped dinner, and headed down the hill, where I sat in my room and passed out for an hour or so. I hope I'm not getting whatever jeffercine had, which I'm beginning to suspect was brought back from NY by trivialt.

When I woke back up, I dosed myself with elderberry, then headed out to Fry's to get a new headset (my last one died Monday afternoon), then here to the Factory for dinner.

I either picked a reasonable amount of food, or my stomach's gotten enormous - I'm not feeling particularly bloated...

Anyway, for whatever reason, I'm feeling better than I was earlier. I'll be heading home from here, and probably going to bed "early," just in case. I've got to get a bunch of fondue ingredients together tomorrow, anyway.
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