April 10th, 2008

Dia De Los Muertos

Something Something

I was only half an hour late to dinner_and last night, so there's some improvement there...

A bit of a busier party, and after the relative dearth of entrées last week, many people brought one.

k_magic brought another excellent curry - which someone else, I believe Paul, labeled as "Tim Curry." All I did was point out that it was sitting next to candiddani's frank'n'furters...

Paul brought a very nice spaghetti, a couple of people brought fried chicken (Bennie not only brought fried chicken, but Popeye's, and more importantly, a whole box of biscuits), jeffercine did another cottage pie, snafflekid brought pineapple upside-down cake, and, well, let's say I, at least, didn't go hungry.

moahb's parents were there, as well as his sister, which meant quite a supply of Larrytini's. He doesn't exactly mix them weak, either. I also had a Daiquiri-ish concoction he made for princesskiti22, and a fair bit of Bleh™.

Heh heh. I may be able to bring Kendall over the Bleh side of the force. It's always nice when I run into that rare person that appreciates flavors other than just "sweet" and "salty."

A fun night, great people, and to some extent, it felt like I was wandering through it like a ghost.

I'm just feeling really disconnected lately. Hopefully I'll get some of it back after the tax debacle is at least somewhat quieted down.

But mostly, I feel like I'm extremely peripheral to those I care about. If that's true, it's probably through my own actions - I have been holing up in my room quite a bit.

Anyway, I felt sober enough to make it home around 1:30am, where I largely just crashed. I was up for a little bit at the uncharacteristic hour of 7:00am, then slept some more until 1:00pm.

I had great plans for the afternoon. I even managed to get myself through a shower relatively early. While the idea of washing my sheets went out the window fairly quickly (hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow), I had two things I wanted to get done this afternoon:
  1. Install TurboTax.

  2. Shop at CostCo.
A simple set of tasks, yes?

Installing TurboTax was my "manageable tax task" for today. At least it was supposed to be. The fact that it reliably freezes while trying to access the 'net made it a bit more of a mess than one would think.

A little testing showed that, at least most of the time, IE can't either (though everything else will). I'm assuming something about the latest round of XP updates broke something. I just don't know what.

What's even funnier is that if I tell TurboTax that there's no connection, it won't try to update itself - but it will try to gather and update registration information when you start it, and hangs there quite successfully.

I finally walked away - hopefully I can figure out the problem tonight when I get back home.

And now I'm finishing off getting myself fed, which is making me considerably less grumpy, and may just drop by CostCo anyway, despite being late.

I mean, we only have a third of a roll of toilet paper left.
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