April 9th, 2008

Dragon K


Nothing much. After my last post I finished dinner, came home, and fairly shortly went to bed.

I followed that up by fairly successfully sleeping most of the day away, though at this point the accomplishments are:
  • Both desktop and karaoke system brought fully up to date with XP.

  • Odd graphics problem with laptop researched, and workaround applied.

  • Business expenses for both businesses collected, and at least somewhat massaged into usable form.

  • Played with an animated GIF for kshandra, though without huge success (still too large for LJ).
And now... the showering. Hopefully.

Ah, motivation, my old enemy: We meet again.

Just to point out how lazy I am: My chair sits at my desk, with the console for the karaoke system maybe 4 feet away. I normally sit in the chair facing away from the desk, with my feet on the karaoke/workbench chair, and the laptop on my lap. Lately, if I deal with either of the other two systems, I do so by connecting with VNC.

I mean, directly using the desktop would require turning my chair around. Can't have that.
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