April 7th, 2008



I finally got everything together and out the door Sunday by about 7:30pm. Not that I had any particular reason to be late, but I'm not always that reasonable.

But I was ready to go by 8:15pm, which wasn't too bad. And I believe I actually had enough people to start by 8:45pm.

On the whole, as usual, a very pleasant evening, made even more pleasant by the presence of vanillaspice. Several people (especially princesskiti22) were singing Beatles songs, simply because we'd all seen Across the Universe.

I even joined in for a bit. And yup, they're really not in my range.

We had several hours of lucydogstringer, since we didn't have the crowds that scared him off Thursday. A rare appearance by John. A slightly less rare appearance by Eddie and Shawn.

Also our discovery by Bob, a guy I barely remember that used to go to Creekside. He just moved in a block away or so, and will likely be a regular from now on.

And introducing: Terry the wino! The last half of the evening was colored by this... individual. He really was trying to be nice, but it all came off as creepy. Plus, every time he came up to the booth to talk to me, I got a little woozy from the fumes on his breath.

Keri spent a great deal of time in my booth, with the latch closed. She tried coming out to sing one song (Whatever Lola Wants, which was perhaps not the best choice at the time), and keeping Terry away from her required constant blocking movements by both myself and Nate-o. It was actually pretty funny, though watching him lurch after her about 2 feet behind as she near ran back to the booth was... less funny.

I actually let him on the mic to "sing" one song a cappella. I'm a fool like that. On the other hand, his rant, portions of Let It Be, and some other song he threw in, took less than five minutes, and he actually handed the mic back to me.

He disappeared not too long after that. I'm not sure if he was kicked out, lurched off because he'd been cut off, or what.

The 8th and last rotation ended about 1:50am, and shutdown took until about 2:30am. Then timenchanter, foxypinkninja and I did the Denny's thing.

And home, and eventually sleep. I'm now supposedly back up, and I'm supposed to get some figures to Paula this evening. They involve taxes, so I'm having a mild panic attack on the subject.

I'll get over it.
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