April 4th, 2008

Triskell Knot

Friends 1, Parents 0

Last night actually turned out a lot busier than I thought. The only thing that allowed me to run a 5th rotation was a heavy outflux around 1:30pm.

Which was cool. It allowed me to squeeze in another song from cmjfoxfyre before shutting down. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed her voice.

The bar did quite well. Not as well as timenchanter had been thinking at one point, but he had forgotten how cheap draft beers are - and he apparently sold quite a few of those.

Notable moments included justnate hauling in and lighting a mirrored "sexy" sign he'd gotten from Victoria's Secret castoffs before singing Roxie, a quickie song from lucydogstringer before he snuck off into the night, and a drunk Navy boy stuffing a remarkable number of ones down princesskiti22's cleavage.

We did quite well in tips.

A very fun - and very different - night.

Shutdown went fairly rapidly, after which Timmie and I joined supersniffles, Nate, and kizmet100 for the Denny's afterparty.

Then Nate, Cindi, and I retired to the House of Pink, Nate to get some of his videos, and me to work on the Button Box.

Amazingly, segajenison was there. Well, not all there, but at least sorta present. So I got to say hello and get a couple of hugs.

Much more amazingly, apart from stuff Cindi can do herself (like program installation, and customization), the Button Box is now fully operational, SP2 and all.

I left there around 8:00am, headed home, and crashed, fairly hard.

And missed getting to my parents' in time. I was supposed to do a dump run with my mom today, which meant being at the dome by 2:00pm. I was crawling into the shower about then.

I'd sorta kinda figured that the Santa Cruz dump would be open later on weekdays. Sadly, not so - it closes at 3:30pm every day. So my being ready by 2:45 didn't really count for much.

I'm a bad son.

We've rescheduled for Tuesday. It's another post-show day, but at least I shouldn't be up all night working on Cindi's computer.

Famous last words.

So, anyway, while I was short on sleep, I was also dressed, and hungry, so I came out to Panera for some food and WiFi. I'm probably going to wander from here to Cost Plus for a bit, then possibly over to Guadalupe Gardens. It looked nice driving by, and I've never been.

Then I'll likely get home to crash just in time for some technical problem to occur at the bar. I know my timing.
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