April 3rd, 2008

Dragon K

Party On

Another day...

Last night's party was excellent, as usual. I decided to bring some alcohol, and the gyrations of getting to BevMo and then the Hamptons at rush hour made me about an hour late.

But it was OK. There were still a few of candiddani's balls left for me to eat. So far, both her balls and her weenies have been quite tasty.

I brought some Campari, so for the first time in quite a while, there was Bleh™ for me to drink. Good timing, too: This was the first time princesskiti22 had brought Zena, so she got to go through the baptism of Bleh. She had a fairly typical reaction...

All in all a fun evening. I somehow didn't manage the whole drunk thing too well, but I at least saw the edge of tipsy a few times. And I knew no-one was going to steal my drink.

The party dissolved earlier than usual, but I was one of the holdouts, leaving around 12:30am.

I came home and... slept. Then got up around 11:00am for a bit and... slept. At least, when I'm procrastinating this hard, I can't complain that I'm not sleeping enough.

One major positive that may come out of the party - if he's still interested. snafflekid is studying RF circuits, and was at least slightly intrigued by the NTP server idea. So - once I've taken care of the tax thing - I need to reinvestigate the viability of the product. Also, of course, Kendall's continuing interest. I now know a lot of what was done wrong with the first incarnation - and not bringing in people in the appropriate specialties was most of it.

Back on the timeline - this afternoon timenchanter convinced me to get up and dressed in order to have some food (at Chili's this time), and shop. And thence to the show.

It's been a pleasant, and unusual evening so far. wease420, Noe, cmjfoxfyre, Shawn, helios77, Phillip's boyfriend Eric, and a host of their friends are here. Quite the pleasant blast from the past.

Granted, it looks like income-wise, it's gonna be equivalent to a good Sunday, but hey, we're having fun.

And I'm paid a fixed amount on Thursdays...
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