March 31st, 2008



Sunday afternoon passed in a relatively desultory fashion. I slept some more, read some comics, and tried to motivate myself to work on my taxes.

But at least I did some work towards the karaoke business.

The fact of the matter is that I'm pretty low on funds, and the best way I can think to actually do something about that is to ramp up the karaoke business. I've done a little towards that - it was the excuse I used to set up the new system. But I have this block against promoting myself, and that's what I need to start working on.

So I'll be starting with the website. I need more on the front page, and I need to completely rewrite the parties page, which comes off pretty much like "please, whatever you do, don't engage me for a party, you scum." I also need to put up at least one picture of me from cekry0 and jeffercine's wedding, to show that yes, I can wear more than a t-shirt.

So I spent some time skimming, in fact, Alex and Jeff's Flickr archives looking for good pictures of myself, and good singer shots, assuming they won't mind my using them (Right guys? It's not a problem? Right?). That took a few hours.

And yes, I know this means yet more delay on other photos. Mea culpa, etc, etc, etc.

The next stage is writing a halfway-decent Craigslist ad, referring to the website. And then, last but not least, a foray into Google Adwords. Last I checked, no-one was even using karaoke in the region, so the cost per click is just 5 cents.

So anyway, that was the afternoon. Much planning, some little action. My life in microcosm.

I still made it out of the house in time for a leisurely dinner at Panera, followed by arrival at the bar only 15 minutes late.

I was set up and ready to go by 8:00pm, though. Which meant I was ready when I had enough singers signed up at 8:35pm.

It was a reasonably busy night for a Sunday - in fact the bar did acceptably well. We had a couple of hours of trivialt, and surprisingly, several hours of blankreloaded. That was nice. We had a lot of fun making each other uncomfortable.

I think I won, what with singing him Sea of Love with my arm draped around his shoulders.

The weird part of the night was poor Danielle, who's been in a couple of times since first showing up. She brought a cute gay boi couple (Phil and Ling-Ling), and, as usual, her date Sean.

Who disappeared fairly early in the night with her keys. She was still there at closing, and not a happy camper.

Phil and Ling-Ling were a lot of fun though. Ling-Ling, especially, is quite a good singer.

synkitty showed up with Jasmine. It's a rare treat to see Jasmine.

candiddani apparently decided at the last minute not to show up, which was a disappointment. But then, she also lost out, since princesskiti22 was wearing a short skirt (This is where "squee" and "yum" get in a fistfight over who comes out on top).

So, apart from poor Danielle, and the usual Synthia not handling Casey, it was a very pleasant night. We closed down the karaoke at 1:45am, at the end of the 7th rotation.

We were all out of there by 2:20am, and I headed over to supersniffles's house for more fun with her machine. Well, and delicious marinated steak with garlic bread. Progress was made - in fact, considerable progress. I moved the memory to the correct slot, and turned on the memory tests (three passes - hopefully all of them different. The memory seems like it's OK, though I theoretically could tighten up the timing, if I could figure out where to do so). I finally got both disk drives and the CD drive to coexist happily.

I was still getting the blue-screen-of-death-too-rapid-to-read from Windows, so we dug up her restore disc, and reinstalled XP. There are still a few odd behaviors (the cursor freezes for about 15 seconds every now and then, and the auto-shutdown doesn't seem to be working), but I haven't yet installed the drivers for the new motherboard, either.

I even restored Cindi's personal data.

So, hopefully, tonight I can finish up the process for her. Including four years of XP updates...

But at least the damn thing boots. It's a damn sight better than the "just sitting there silently" that I started with.

That took until about 5:00am, and then I came home and slept. I'm still debating doing more of that, or getting up for the day. I should probably do the latter...
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