March 27th, 2008


The Day That Wasn't

Between my consistent headache and reading about what kind of day everybody else had had, I decided not to step foot outside the apartment yesterday. Actually, I minimized setting foot outside my room (not that that's all that rare).

A few hours after my last post, I finally gave in and went back to bed. And, surprisingly, woke up refreshed. Another Cup'O'Noodles later, I decided I needed something real, so I ordered an expensive, but yummy Thai pizza from Pizza Chicago.

I'm about to enjoy some more of that.

And that's it. I've read some comics, kept up with LJ, and slept some more. Exciting life I lead, yes?

It's interesting, but I really enjoy being awake between midnight and dawn. My room becomes a little bubble of light in a sea of darkness, and time feels like it stops.

When there are many things you vitally need to attend to, and are (for whatever reason) procrastinating, the feeling that time has stopped is a very welcome one...
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