March 24th, 2008



Last night was an interesting dichotomy. We had a great group of people, including the not-quite-vanished vanillaspice (apparently the plan to keep him up too late Saturday night worked). While I didn't have enough people to start until 8:30pm, after that the rotation quickly grew to 14 and stayed there.

It was the first time I'd seen candiddani since Wednesday. I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms.

On the other hand it was, I think, the fifth night in a row I'd seen celticnoor, so I shouldn't complain.

It was also the first time I'd seen snafflekid in what felt like forever. I'd definitely missed the Kendall.

An Australian guy wandered in, looking for a local gay bar. He apparently had a good enough time that he plans to be back Thursday.

And there was a definite trivialt spotting.

princesskiti22's friend Gia showed up again, and was again quite vocal about wanting Hannah Montana. OK, quite a bit more vocal. But at least she has the good taste to agree with me that the Jonas Brothers cover of Poor Unfortunate Souls is awesome.

Much fun, and much cheering. Just somehow, not a huge amount of income. I think most people were a little partied out from the week. Tips were good, though, which was especially good for Keri: Her portion of the tips edged out her portion of the bar take.

At synkitty's insistence, I retried Another Postcard, with slightly less failure this time. I still don't have the rhythm remotely right, but faked it reasonably well.

While looking for something else, I also discovered I have a copy of Pictures of You, and tried that - not too bad at all. I need to listen to it some more.

At one point I suicided Daniel, and managed to find 5 obscure 80s songs in a row that he didn't know. It was both odd and kind of... exhilarating...

All the actual customers left at 1:30am, so the last (and I believe 7th) rotation was just myself, timenchanter, and Keri. Keri felt compelled to do both her "tip us" announcement and her "get out" announcement, which we all found kind of funny.

We were out of there by 2:20am. In fact, it was only that late because I had to wait for some of the stage lights to cool down.

Some fast food, home, and sleep. I'm hopefully going to get a little bit more of that latter now...
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Yet More Songs

I just added two more discs to the collection, bringing the number of tracks to 12,740, and the number of unique tracks to 9,622.

You can, as always, browse the collection - and the new update sheet - here.
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