March 12th, 2008


Not Yet Dead

I got off my ass and out the door just before 3:00pm yesterday. Debbie and I had talked about possibly doing a show, but a quick text exchange (she'd left the apartment earlier) showed that she didn't think she'd be up to it.

That meant that my afternoon was a little more flexible, since we'd have headed to the TKTS booth around 4ish, otherwise. I didn't know that I wanted to see a show on my own, so I did the logical thing, and marched to the Met. What's scary is that I found lots of exhibits I didn't recognize. Doesn't mean I hadn't seen them, but they were unfamiliar. And, as with most things at the Met, beautiful and fascinating.

They shoved me out the door - almost literally - at 5:25pm. Those guards really want to go home.

I felt like I might enjoy something light-hearted, so I hiked down to Times Square, and bought myself a ticket to Spamalot. Granted, I got there pretty late, so I ended up about two thirds of the way up the balcony (literally above the clouds. They have a flock of little fluffy Terry Gilliam clouds above the stage. I was sitting well above them).

A wonderfully wacky show. Clay Aiken actually did a damn fine job of playing Brave Sir Robin - including a line about becoming "the idol of the age".

There were a number of places where they deviated from the cast album a bit to update the references. They even threw in an Eliot Spitzer joke that to all appearances left Arthur not quite sure what to say.

A lot of fun.

After the show, I dropped by Junior's again for what was supposed to be a comparatively light meal of a sandwich and a slice of cheesecake. I forgot exactly how much meat they put in their sandwiches...

And then I crawled back to the apartment. That was about 12:30am. Then I watched a couple more episodes of Project Runway with Debbie, did some of the usual relatively useless surfing, and am trying to get this done before I collapse in a heap.

Good night.
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The water's off in Debbie's apartment. I think there was a notice to that effect last week when I arrived.

By the end of this flight, I may be rather... spicy...

At least she was able to prepare for her interview this morning before they turned it off...
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I'm Going Home...

The water came on about half an hour after my last post, and I was able to take a shower.

With the slight distraction that the toilet started flushing continuously at the same time. It's an industrial type, and I tried tapping on it to get it to close - that frequently works - but to no avail. Searching around for a shutoff valve was fruitless, and it was dripping onto the bathroom floor at a fairly nervewracking rate.

I decided to take the damn shower, and then see what I could manage. As I was getting out, Debbie came home, and handed me a large block of wood with which to hit it. Hard.

That eventually worked.

Apparently this is not a rare occurrence.

In any case, I grabbed a bagel downstairs (When a New Yorker says garlic and herb spread, they aren't kidding about the garlic), futzed around a bit more, then started the pilgrimage to the airport at around 2:20pm.

At least this time the bum that thought I was a rock star thought I was John Lennon. I don't mind being taken for John Lennon, at least, apart from that whole "dead" thing. He was actually kind of cool - we talked for a little bit.

Otherwise uneventful. I got here early, and took my time going through the various hoops. We're supposed to start boarding oh, about 5 minutes ago, but at least the plane is here. It shouldn't be too bad - plus I may have a row to myself again! Excitement! Thrills!

I'm a little ambivalent. Just hanging around Debbie makes me smile, even when we're largely having nothing to do with each other. And I like large cities.

But home is home, and I need to try to get on with things.
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