March 8th, 2008



There was something of a return to normalcy yesterday, in that I didn't get up and out of the apartment until 4:00pm.

What made it even more normal in that I was supposed to have met electrichobbit at the MoMA at 4:00pm. Surprisingly, I made it by about 4:30pm. Well, I made it out of the subway by 4:30pm. It took 10 minutes for me to find the place from there.

The good thing is that they were giving away free tickets. That was also, unfortunately, the bad thing. There was a huge line waiting to get in, and crowds of jostling people all through the place.

Though it was fun finding out I was in line about 8 people behind Debbie...

Then, of course, there were the exhibits. Against Mark's better judgment, we visited both the "Design and the Elastic Mind," and the "Color Chart" exhibits. They were... interesting.

The "Design" show was actually supposed to be about how designers add a human dimension to technological advancement - a very interesting idea.

And there were some good exhibits.

But most of it was, well, high school stuff. Just odd, little toy ideas with connected mockups, like some sort of cell phone/electroshock combination. I'm surprised they didn't have a case devoted to sporks.

Then there was the "Color Chart" exhibit. It was more, well, "art," except most of it was a sort of conceptual art that I'm just not into. I feel that when the artwork itself has to have an explanation in order to be viewed, it's not really doing its job.

So I had a great time. The opportunities for snark abounded.

Then we went downstairs and looked at some of the good stuff, before heading out into the deluge.

It was a tad rainy here in Manhattan. On the order of "soaking the lining of my leather jacket through the seams" raining. Quite impressive - it made getting home quite the adventure.

And that was the activity for the day. The rest of the evening was devoted to evaporation, and then sleep. Well, and Project Runway reruns. Today has been Full House so far, but Debbie's gone back to sleep, and I think I'll be doing that too.
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