March 1st, 2008



I was noticing earlier today that my text message chats weren't ordering themselves by time the usual way. Nothing vital, but odd.

It wasn't until around 11:00pm that I noticed why: My phone thought it was the 28th again. It had registered as the 29th until at least 2:30am (I have the auto-dated PocketQuicken transactions to prove it), but then had set itself back to the 28th at some point.

My phone is set to automatically get the date and time from the network, so I suspected AT&T. A quick search for specs shows the date/time format has the month and month-day separated out, rather than rolled into a seconds-of-epoch format.

And rebooting the network connection after midnight got me properly set to March 1st.

So it looks like AT&T doesn't believe in leap years.

No wonder so many groups are pressuring to get rid of the leap second. Large, supposedly tested systems are having a hard enough time with an extra day every four years.

So many morons, so few shotgun shells...
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Here and There

I finally got out of the house at something like 9:00pm last night. I was initially heading off to the bar to meet the most lovely hektikat, but some wires got slightly crossed, and as I was partway there I discovered that kshandra was on her way to BJ's. And expecting me to meet her there.

Based on two factors - that Stacy would at least have the gracious timenchanter to talk to, and the fact that I was ravenous - I changed direction, tried to head down to Oakridge, and promptly drove myself onto the SJ airport loop. I think I'm going to try to claim my ability to get lost as a "skill." I'm certainly good at it.

In any case, 25 minutes later I arrived in south San Jo, met up with Kirsten, and proceeded to have a relatively enormous dinner. But sooo gooood.

I really was hungry. I mean, we had dessert.

From there I scooted up to the bar. The DJ was pretty good. Not quite my sort of music, but he was playing it well. Otherwise it was slightly better than the usual dead Friday at the bar.

Talked to Timmie for a bit, then came home, ostensibly to sleep. I was, in fact, falling-down tired.

So I of course got involved in a programming task, and was up until 9:00am or so.

wxPython's XRCed is cool. Though I wish one could do more layout in character units, rather than pixels, but perhaps it, like CSS, will eventually catch up to that.

Then too few hours of sleep, and up to my parents' place at an awfully late hour. Still, they seemed glad to see me, and I was able to do a couple of things around the house. I'm also tasked with adding memory to my dad's laptop, which will hopefully go better than the ongoing fiasco with supersniffles's ButtonBox.

And that's about it. I was feeling tired and antisocial when I left there, so I skipped dropping by the Stripes donation party (Timmie had my contributions, anyway), and just came home. In the best of all possible worlds, I'd now go to sleep.

I'm not counting on it.
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