February 29th, 2008



- May 11 -
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So It Goes

I did get a little more sleep, and got to the bar just 15 minutes late or so (mostly because I decided to pick up some In-n-Out. Fast food it is not.). However, various conversations, mostly with bluize, meant I wasn't really ready to go until 9:00pm.

Which was fine, because we weren't exactly packed, either. I think I had 5 people signed up right then...

Definitely a low-key night, though far from empty. I fit in 6 rotations before closing at about 1:50am, and it was only that many because most people went home by 12:30am.

It was nice having princesskiti22 back, even if she was crabby and limping in pain - especially towards the end of the night. She was bravely hostessing along, and I should have just paid her and sent her home to rest.

But I'm selfish.

Nothing amazingly outstanding about the evening. I got snafflekid to do Wake Up Call. celticnoor decided to let me suicide her again, with kinda disastrous results this time - my song-picking-fu was not strong last night.

We did have hogarthhughes visit, go away, and then come back again. That was unusual.

After shutting down, timenchanter, supersniffles and I did the good ol' Denny's thing, then I went to her place to pound my head against her computer some more.

genuine_snark had suggested a line of options for debugging. What I can say now is that I can't get a single POST beep out of a bare board. I think it's the processor. I get no reaction in the new motherboard or the old motherboard. Hell, I tried two speakers, just in case. All that happens is that this one doesn't make the power supply turn off.

The plan right now is to just return the stuff, and buy a mobo here. The downside being that I've got to talk to AMD tech support in order to convince them to let me do that. I haven't done it so far, because I've been, well, tired, and not really feeling up to arguing with a tech following a script.

It would be nice to get it working before I take off for vacation next week, though it's doubtful - Cindi's not going to be available this weekend.

Otherwise, apart from a few isolated bits of consciousness, I've been asleep most of the day. Hell, I still feel tired. But I'm also hungry, and kind of bored with the view from my bed.
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